December 19

👨‍🚀 Commanders! Update 3.13 is now available for every Commander. Here’s the list of the main changes.

🔻 New Clan Boss game mode was added! Here’s the info about it.

All Commanders can battle a certain number of Clan Bosses during the Clan Battle Season. This mode is available for 2+ clan levels. Each clan independently activates bosses. To do this, a Leader or an Officer of a clan must pay a certain amount of Clan Credits and Celestium. You can activate only one boss simultaneously.

Clan Boss is a specific ship with a unique build. Each boss has its amount of Health. The goal of each Commander is to make a ship build to deal as much damage as possible while fighting with the boss. The more damage the Commander dealt to the boss, the more Health the boss will lose and the faster the clan will defeat it. The boss is considered defeated when it has no Health left. You can track the amount of Boss Health in the main Clan Boss menu. This Health progress bar displays under each ship boss.

When the boss loses a certain amount of Health, Boss buffs are automatically activated between battles. Thus, if you attack Clan Boss Health and drop its value at which the certain Boss buff activates, this buff won’t be activated during your battle. It will be activated for the next battles. Clan Boss can activate from 1 to 3 buffs at the same time. Each Commander has only 1 free Boss fight attempt per day. Two extra attempts can be bought for a certain price. You will need Celestium and a new resource to purchase these attempts called Boss key. You can find it in the Clan Shop.

Only one clan member can battle the Boss at the same time. The rest of the members wait till the battle will end. Clan members decide for themselves who is gonna attack the Boss first, and who is gonna attack the last. Clan members receive Credits for each Boss fight. The more damage a player deals in a Boss fight, the greater the reward he will receive. The clan member receives a reward right after the fight with the Boss is finished.

All clan members who dealt minimum damage value to the Boss receive extra rewards for beating this Boss. This value equals 500 damage at the moment. The reward will be sent to the in-game mail. The extra rewards are Galaxy Coordinates, chips, Like Coins, and Success Units.

All clan members who dealt minimum damage value to one or several Bosses will receive the main reward for a clan’s victory over all Bosses during the current Clan Battle Season. This value equals 30 000 damage at the moment. The main rewards are Success Units, chips, Limit Breakers, and Powerful Limit Breakers. The reward will be sent to the in-game mail right after the last Boss is defeated. All bosses reset along with the Clan Wars Season reset.

If a clan member deals the last hit to Clan Boss Health during the battle with this boss, he will receive an extra reward. The last hit means Boss has no Health left in the Health progress bar after a clan member attacked him. The reward will be sent to the in-game mail of this clan member right after this battle is finished.

🔻 The possibility to leave a clan and change roles in a clan during the Clan Wars registration stage appeared for all clan members. It was impossible to do so in the previous updates. Thus, some of the Commanders were unable to leave a clan when a leader or an officer registered a clan for the next war right after the current war ended.

🔻 Limit Breakers and Powerful Limit Breakers prices in Clan Shop were decreased. In the previous updates, they cost 10 000 000 and 15 000 000 Credits. Now they cost 2 500 000 and 3 500 000 Credits. Clans still need to level up till 5th level to unlock common Limit Breaker and till 6th for Powerful Limit Breaker. Also, the Commander who wants to buy them in Clan Shop has to level up to 52nd level in case of Limit Breaker purchase and to 56th level in case of Powerful Limit Breaker. They can be purchased as gifts as well.

🔻 Five new bonuses for in-game purchases were added. These bonuses give you such rewards as Credits, experience chips and overclocking chips, 90% and 100% Success Units, Theta and Phantom Galaxy Coordinates, Limit Breakers, and Powerful Limit Breakers.

🔻 Two new Kronos Skins were added to the Arena called Silver Wing and Cosmic Purple. The first one can be obtained for free while playing from 12/24/2023 to 01/01/2024. The second will be available within the special offer for Celestium.

🔻 Now Commanders can reset their game progress and start the game from scratch. This option can be found in the Settings menu.

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