November 20

👨‍🚀 Commanders! Update 3.12 is now available for every Commander. Here’s the list of the main changes:

🔻 A new Galactic Carrier titled Kronos has been added to the game! The ship is accompanied by 3 Cerberos support ships. It’s a special ship: to unlock it, you need to collect 50 blueprints. You can find them when exploring the Iota, Theta, and Phantom Galaxies.

Kronos can be purchased for 25,000,000 Credits at level 60. The ship has a unique bonus, “Total Module Damage.” Kronos has the following parameters to upgrade:

  • Damage from Laser Modules (initial value +11%)

  • Damage from Missile Modules (initial value +5%)

  • Firing Arc of Rocket Modules (initial value +2.9%)

  • Range of Rocket Modules (initial value +10%)

  • Total Module Health (initial value +3%)

  • Strength Shield Power (initial value +5%)

  • Total Module Power Generation (initial value +15%)

  • Power Use of Ballistic Modules (initial value -7%)

  • Thrust Power of Engine Modules (initial value +1%)

🔻 The Limit Breaking of modules’ parameters system has been reworked to increase the success rates while limit-breaking them. Now each Commander can add extra Limit Breaker (as well as Powerful Limit Breaker) and increase the success rate by 5%. The cost of limit breaking in Credits won’t increase. A maximum of 5 extra Limit Breakers and Powerful Limit Breakers can be added, thus increasing the chance of successful limit-breaking up to 40%. In the future, the HQ will increase the droprates of Limit Breakers for Commanders.

🔻 7 new in-game purchases bonuses are now available. In total, 20 bonuses are available. For Commanders who have made 20 or more purchases previously, these bonuses are already unlocked. You just need to claim them in the “Bonuses for Purchases” section inside the Shop.

🔻 You can claim free Phantom Galaxy in the store. After this, Commanders will unlock a special offer: 3 Phantom Galaxies for 4,99 dollars. The offer can be purchased 5 times until 22.11.

🔻 The HQ has also scheduled many various offers for the coming weeks. And very soon on the galactic event map, Commanders will be able to see something…

See you on the Arena, Commanders!

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