TACO prototypes return!
August 18

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🐈 First of all, HQ in full force would like to thank all Commanders who took part in restraining dangerous prototypes-deviants as well as the real TACO. Meantime, our HQ scientists are investigating the cause of the TACO accident, and the story of escaped prototypes continues! This time we have to deactivate the TACO Mk2 prototypes. Even though there are only 14 of them (by the way, we called it the TACO Epidemic case), we all gonna have a hard time with these ones… They are harder to find, and the questions for the deactivation protocol are even more difficult compared to the common prototypes. We summon the cleverest and most attentive Commanders! https://discord.gg/spacearena

After you have found the prototype, you need to send either the link or the screenshot of the place where you find it so we can proceed to the deactivation process. And here are some deactivation features that you must bear in mind:

  1. Some links are clickable, and some – don’t.

  2. You can’t send the picture of the prototype itself! Only links and screenshots of the place where you found the prototype will be accepted by the AI system.

  3. You can mention only one prototype in your message. If you found several prototypes, you should send them in separate messages, one by one. Otherwise, the AI system will count the very first prototype you sent in your message.

All the rest looks the same: if the answer is correct, the deactivation process will be completed, and the Commander will receive 50 Celestium and 100000 Credits. If the answer is not correct, the deactivation process will continue, and all Commanders will have an opportunity to answer the question and receive the reward. All rewards that Commanders receive will be summarized. And don’t forget to put the cat emoji to the message where the image of the prototype is displayed! Other Commanders will understand that this prototype has already been detected.

👾 Commanders, we need to make haste. We have only… 3 days for this mission! Let’s get rid of these annoying prototypes once and for all!

Wish you luck, Commanders!

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