TACO is missing!
August 08

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🐈 Breaking news from HQ. We will be short. Our favorite mechacat TACO is missing! Not only him, to be exact. Well, first things first.

Surely all Commanders remember the fact that TACO came to us after one of the missions Brave Commander had completed. From this moment, TACO had been scrutinized by the HQ scientists. They were recording his every move and running tests (of course, they were only humane). As a result, it was decided during one of the HQ meetings to set up a production line of these mechacats both for cosmic citizens’ and Commanders’ needs. And so the construction of the first 20 TACO prototypes was completed. They remained deactivated in the storage facility until the HQ staff responsible for deep learning of neural networks will start working on TACO prototypes. But yesterday someone used the special card with level “HQ Head of the Scientific Sector” clearance, broke into the storage facility, and… activated all mechacats. When the Galactic Rapid Response Team (GRRT) arrived, they never got to apprehend the criminal as well as to find some clues. The trespasser, however, overlooked the fact that the neural networks of the prototypes haven’t been configured yet. That is why all settings have been reset to factory settings (to “Heavy Security” mode, to be exact). As a result, now we have 20 TACO prototypes hiding somewhere in the HQ, and they are hostile to all who try to interact with them. But the main problem is that the real TACO is missing for some reason! And all this happened on World Cat Day. if that is a coincidence..?

❗ So, Commanders! We got to act fast. Prepare yourselves for the special mission. Find the real TACO and tell us where he is exactly. It is enough to send a screenshot where the TACO is displayed. We will send the HQ Special Search Team and tell you in the comments below if is it accurate information or if you need to keep searching. Commander, who will find TACO and send the screenshot first, will receive 150 Celestium and 300000 Credits. Seek him out all around the Discord server.

Along with this task, you need also to find and deactivate all twenty TACO prototypes. As with the real TACO, these prototypes can be found all around the server. You will realize that you have found the prototype for sure: its eyes are red. After you have found the prototype, you need to send either the link or the screenshot of the place where you find it so we can proceed to the deactivation process. Here are the instructions on how to deactivate a prototype.
1. You will receive a game-related question from HQ in the comments below. Thus, the thread will be created. Only the Commander who has found the prototype earlier can answer this question.
2. If the answer is correct, the deactivation process will be completed, and the Commander will receive 50 Celestium and 100000 Credits.
3. If the answer is not correct, the deactivation process will continue. In this case, ALL Commanders have an opportunity to answer the question and receive the reward. Once Commanders will answer the question, the thread will be closed.

Don’t forget to put the cat emoji to the message where the image of the prototype is displayed! Other Commanders will understand that this prototype has already been detected.

👾 Commanders, here is the deadline for this special mission from HQ: August 18. During that time, we need to find the real TACO and deactivate the prototypes! So, let’s rescue TACO along with the entire HQ!

Wish you luck, Commanders!

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