Stickers and Emojis Contest!
April 06

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 New month has come, and our Discord server got a few levels. And do you know what follows from these two facts?
That’s right, it’s time for another contest! This time, the contest aimed at developing our Discord server since new opportunities have opened up along with new levels. One hundred sixty-nine new slots for the emoji and thirty stickers slots are among them!
In honor of this event, each Commander will be able to leave his mark on history and even receive a reward in Auction Points!

👾 Which emojis and stickers are eligible for the contest?

We welcome any emoji and stickers related to the game and any fun or relevant options. It is best if your submission is the original work.

Here is a list of technical requirements for stickers:

  1. File type: PNG (for static), APNG (for animated), or Lottie (for animated);

  2. Maximum file size: 512 KB;

  3. File extension: 320×320 (exactly);

  4. Associated emoji: you need to choose the Unicode emoji that will match the one you suggested the most.

Emoji Requirements:

  1. File type: PNG (for static), APNG (for animated), or Lottie (for animated);

  2. Maximum file size: 256 KB;

  3. Emoji name: Emoji names must be at least two characters long and include only alphanumeric characters and underscores.

👾 How to take part in the event?

Since the contest aims to develop the Discord server, you need to join the server and send your emoji and/or stickers options to a particular contest channel.

Link leading directly to the channel.

👾 What is the reward for your emoji and/or stickers?

Each Commander whose emoji and/or stickers option receives enough votes and becomes part of the server collection will receive a reward in auction points. Our team will determine the quantity on an individual basis.

👾 How long will the contest last?

This contest will last until April 13 inclusive.

We look forward to your masterpieces, Commanders!

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