SpaceMyths, VOL 7
October 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 The Team continues the “SpaceMyths” segment, where we fact-check popular myths among players.

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This time we decided to check the myth regarding the Galaxy loot value once again. But instead of 10 Galaxy Coordinates, we will explore 100 of them in each particular case. This will help us to investigate the myth in detail and reach new conclusions.

We also changed the Myth conditions:

We need to explore 100 Galaxy coordinates having only 12 Therions in all hangar slots and another 100 Galaxy Coordinates having different ship models including Therion.
1) WIll the Therion blueprints drop more often in the first case?
2) What kind of blueprints will drop more often while having only Therions?
3) In what case we will have more total loot?

So, we have explored 100 Iota Galaxies League 9 with the Therion on both 12 slots and another 100 Galaxies with the various ships’ models in the hangar, including Therion. You can see the results of the conducted experiment here:

Let’s conclude the received loot from the case with different ships in the hangar:

34 Celestium
728 chips
127 overlocking chips
158 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 2
47 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 3
19 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 4
20 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 5
25 Oblivion Ark BPs
196 Ritari BPs
44 Ritari Mk2 BPs
38 Phantom Mk2 BPs
80 PSS Sparrow Mk2 BPs
42 PSS Miran Mk2 BPs
12 Mjollnir Mk2 BPs
28 PSS EL-K Mk2 BPs
16 Eidolon Mk2 BPs
15 Orkaan BPs
1 Khonarl BP
28 Krigerskold BPs
33 Prophet BPs
33 Type 4K-8U70 BPs
141 Vindicator BPs
264 Crusader BPs
158 Arbiter BPs
486 Baron BPs
198 Revenant BPs
190 Sleipnir BPs
283 USS Centurion BPs
239 Captain BPs
197 Duke BPs
175 Mjollnir BPs
213 Thane BPs
195 Eidolon BPs
155 RadiantX BPs
10 Therion BPs
18 Wraith BPs
4 Limit Breakers
1 Powerful Limit Breaker

And here is the received loot from the case with only Therions in the hangar:

29 Celestium
940 chips
89 overlocking chips
129 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 2
51 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 3
17 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 4
22 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 5
2 Wing Mk2 BPs
27 PSS Miran Mk2 BPs
14 PSS EL-K Mk2 BPs
23 PSS Sparrow Mk2 BPs
24 Type 4K-8U70 BPs
187 Mjollnir BPs
13 Mjollnir Mk2 BPs
314 Eidolon BPs
13 Eidolon Mk2 BPs
160 Vindicator BPs
259 Arbiter BPs
17 Phantom Mk2 BPs
197 Therion BPs
446 Baron BPs
34 Prophet BPs
249 Crusader BPs
192 Ritari BPs
12 Ritari Mk2 BPs
227 Revenant BPs
91 Thane BPs
233 Captain BPs
232 Sleipnir BPs
186 RadiantX BPs
14 Krigerskold BPs
211 Duke BPs
10 Orkaan BPs
213 USS Centurion BPs
7 Oblivion Ark BPs
2 Khonarl BPs
2 Limit Breakers
4 Powerful Limit Breakers

So from here, we can make the following conclusions: Therion blueprints drop approximately twenty times often in the case while having only 12 Therions.
However, we got the various loot in the case with different ships. This can be explained by the fact that we often received from the Galaxies the blueprints of the ships that were in the hangar at that moment. When we were having only Therions, we often received Baron, Eidolon, Crusader, Revenant, Captain, and Sleipnir blueprints. The rarest ones were Orkaan, Oblivion Ark and Khonarl blueprints. By the way, here is an interesting fact: we got more overlocking chips during the first myth case checking (about 30%). But it is rather a coincidence than some kind of a pattern here.

Myth is checked!

💬 That is all for today, Commanders! What kind of myths would you like to see the next time? Feel free to suggest your ideas.

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