SpaceMyths, VOL 6
September 21

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 The Team continues the “SpaceMyths” segment, where we fact-check popular myths among players. This time we decided to check the myth regarding the Galaxy loot value.

Here are the Myth conditions:

Will the rare Galaxy loot drop more frequently when the hangar slots will be filled with the same ship model?

We have explored 10 Iota Galaxies League 9 with the various ships’ models in the hangar, and another 10 Galaxies with the Therion on both 12 slots. You can see the results of the conducted experiment here:

So, let’s conclude the received loot from the first attempt:
2 Celestium
76 common chips
12 overlocking (golden) chips
1 Mjollnir Mk2 BP
8 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 2
9 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 3
4 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 4
2 Prophet BPs
3 Phantom Mk2 BPs
4 PSS EL-K Mk2 BPs
3 Warrior BPs
29 Baron BPs
17 Crusader BPs
8 PSS Miran Mk2 BPs
1 Hammerhead BP
1 Khonarl BP
18 USS Centurion BPs
24 Arbiter BPs
13 Sleipnir BPs
2 Eidolon Mk2 BPs
23 Thane BPs
2 Lighting BPs

And here is the received loot from the second attempt:
4 Celestium
116 common chips
11 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 2
6 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 3
2 “Increase Chance” Computer Unit lvl 4
1 Type 4K-8U70 BP
32 Eidolon BPs
37 USS Centurion BPs
15 Mjollnir BPs
3 PSS EL-K Mk2 BPs
38 Captain BPs
10 Baron BPs
24 Therion BPs
2 Mjollnir Mk2 BPs
1 Wing Mk2 BP
30 Thane BPs
4 Phantom Mk2 BPs
1 Khonarl BP
7 PSS Miran Mk2 BPs
28 Vindicator BPs
13 RadiantX BPs
2 Krigerskold BPs
13 Revenant BPs
11 Arbiter BPs
17 Ritari BPs

The following conclusion can be drawn:
There were more different loot in the second case, where we had only 12 Therion’s. Also, the total number of received ships’ blueprints in the second case is almost twice as large (151 against 289 blueprints). Nevertheless, there were some resources which we had received more within the first case (for example, golden chips and computer units), and some resources – within the second (for example, common chips, Celestium, and certain blueprints).

Myth is partially confirmed!

💬 That is all for today, Commanders! What kind of myths would you like to see the next time? Feel free to suggest your ideas.

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