SpaceMyths, VOL 3
July 22

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💬 We continue the “SpaceMyths” segment, where we fact-check popular myths among players regarding the mechanics of certain modules and the general gameplay.

Remember: you can send your myths for verification directly to the community manager!

This time we decided to check one of the concise and common myths that related to Afterburner module features.

Here are the conditions which we need to follow:

Take part in the Arena battle using any ship’s build where only one Afterburner module is placed. During the battle, calculate the average ship’s turn time (it is desirable to fight with the opponent who uses the Warp Drive module on the board). Then conduct a second Arena battle, but with two placed Afterburner modules with the same ship and build.

❓ Will the ship turn faster in the direction of the opponent?

To check the myth, we picked up the Therion with an original turning index of 0.4. We also made a “turtle” type build to register the maximum number of turns and calculate the ship’s average turning time. So, we made two Arena battles: the first one was with one Afterburner module placed on board, and the second one – with two modules. The final verdict is next: the ship with two placed Afterburner modules was turning about 1,84 times faster. That means that a ship with two or more Afterburner modules will turn faster than a ship with only one Afterburner module.

The myth is verified and confirmed!

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