SpaceMyths, VOL 2
July 22

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💬 We continue the “SpaceMyths” segment, where we fact-check popular myths among players regarding the mechanics of certain modules and the general gameplay. Уou can send your myths for verification directly to the community manager!

This time we decided to check one of the myths that were sent by a Discord-user Shinsato.

❓ Here are the conditions which we need to follow:

You need the main ship that has EXACTLY 100% power and make the main ship a turtle (a small excess of 0.001 is allowed).

Make 1 support ship that has a module that has “Total Module Power Generation” as a unique bonus. Make sure this same module does not exist on any other of your ships. Make the support ship very weak so it is destroyed before the main ship loses a module.

Play an Arena battle and lose the support in the fight.

Now, look at the power of your main ship. If it’s still 100% this means the module’s unique bonus stay after their destruction. If it goes below 100% it does not.

In order to check the myth, we picked up the Captain with one Javelin support ship. We placed a Combat Shield with a unique bonus pumped up to level 3 (“Total Module Power Generation” +0.63%) on it.

So, we made a battle, taking into account the conditions mentioned.

The final verdict is next: when a placed module with the mentioned bonus is destroyed, the energy indicator displays a lack of it. That means the bonus disappears after the destruction of the module. Thus, the lack of energy spreads to the main ship as well.

✅ The myth is verified!

❓ That’s all for today, Commanders! What kind of myths would you like to see the next time? You can suggest your ideas here.

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