SpaceMyths, VOL. 13
October 12

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Today, within the thirteenth issue of the SpaceMyths segment, the HQ team decided to check one of the most popular myths. The myth about disabling of the Reactive Armor defensive parameters while the ship is out of energy. And the results will surprise you! But first things first.

Myth conditions:

❓ Whether the defensive parameters of Reactive Armor are disabled during the ship’s outage cycle?

To check this myth, we used the PSS Miran Mk II and the Sectors, also known as the “Campaign”. Our opponent in the Sectors was RocketMaster, the first-level opponent of the fifth sector. We also double-checked the data obtained in Class Battles against the same opponent named REDLINES.

We have created two almost identical builds. You can get acquainted with each of them below.

Build #1 – Excess Energy:

Build #2 – Lack of Energy:

For the purity of the experiment, we held six battles on each of the presented builds. Each of the builds fought three battles against RocketMaster and three against a player with the nickname REDLINES, armed with missiles.

We offer you to take a look at the highlights of the battle:

Lack of Energy: The first volley. Middle of the Battle.

Bitter end:

Excess energy: The first volley. Middle of the Battle.

Bitter end:

We thought for a long time about how best to test the performance of reactive armor and at the same time get an indisputable result. And we came up with a solution. The best display of the ship’s survivability isThe time a ship can hold out in battle before exploding. Don’t tell me you are unaware of it, dear Clan Wars veterans!

Based on the results of the tests, we received the following ship survivability numbers:

Lack of energy:

Against RocketMaster: 83 seconds, 86 seconds, 82 seconds.
Against REDLINES: 51 seconds, 49 seconds, 48 ​​seconds.

Average survival time: 66.5 seconds.

Excess energy:

Against RocketMaster: 85 seconds, 88 seconds, 81 seconds.
Against REDLINES: 48 seconds, 50 seconds, 52 seconds.

Average survival time: 67.3 seconds.

As you can see from the calculations above, a ship with excess energy generally lasts 0.8 seconds longer in combat. This value is due to the fact that the ship’s engines do not function without energy, which prevents the ship from rotating and exposing different sides to enemy fire. However, this factor does not play a big role in a battle between ships without Warp Drives. Because under such conditions the ships fight head-on in most cases, which also favorably affected the purity of the experiment.
And this gives us an obvious answer to the stated myth.

The myth is busted! Indeed, ships with a lack of energy live somewhat less than their counterparts with an excess of energy. However, this is primarily due to the non-functioning engines and weapon modules. And of course not because of the “disabled” Reactive Armor. If the defensive parameters of the armor were turned off along with the energy of the ship, the ship without energy would not be able to hold out even half of the time that it did.

💬 And that’s all, Commanders! Did you know about the existence of this myth? Did you believe in it? Or did the investigation of the HQ become a real surprise for you? In any case, we’d love to hear your opinion! We would also welcome your suggestions on the following myths to check!

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