SpaceMyth, VOL. 11
July 20

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Today, as part of the eleventh edition of the “SpaceMyths” segment, the HQ team decided to check a very unusual myth with unexpected results. The myth about the Arcfusion Array. Before we start let’s recall that fusion lasers are one of the three laser types in the Space Arena universe. This type is distinguished by the fact that all modules of this line have a so-called “heating”. Some fans of the other “StarArtcf” universe can find the word “heater” popping up in their heads and get a picture of how it works. Speaking more simply and in detail: each fusion-type laser has the function of gradually increasing damage. That means the longer the laser fires, the higher the damage becomes.

Myth conditions:

Is the ArcFusion Array a fusion-type laser?

To check this myth, we used the PSS Miran Mk II and “Ship Battles” mode. We have created four different builds and you can see each below.

Build #1 Melee Fusion Turrets (the fusion-type lasers).
Build #2 Fusion Rays (the very first fusion-type laser available).
Build #3, Laser Turrets (non-fusion type lasers).
Build #4, Arcfusion Array, and Fusion Turrets (the latter are fusion-type lasers).

As you can see in the screenshots above, the fusion lasers’ visualization differs from that of traditional lasers. With simple lasers, the shot is an almost perfectly straight line. At the same time, for the fusion-type lasers, the shot is something remotely resembling a spiral. We mean a central beam around which other energy flows rotate. At the same time, the shot from the Arcfusion Array looks precisely the same as that of the Laser Turret.
And this is the first, visual proof that the Arcfusion Array, despite its name, does not belong to fusion-type lasers.

And now we offer a visual puzzle for the most observant Commanders. Which shots from the image below belong to the fusion type?

Only the most observant Commanders can determine that there is no fusion type here, the shot on the left belongs to the Arcfusion Array, and the shots on the right belong to the Pulse Laser.

So, it’s time for our second proof. If you carefully look at the characteristics of all lasers in the technology tree, you will see that all the fusion-type lasers have one thing in common. The base parameter “Laser Duration” is always 3 seconds. While for the classic lasers it is 1.5 seconds, and for the impulse lasers, it is 0.15. What is this parameter for the Arcfusion Array? That’s right, 1.5 seconds! So, taking into account everything shown and said above, we proceed to the conclusion…

The myth is busted! Indeed, despite the name “ArcFusion Array”, this module is not a fusion laser. And this is one of the great mysteries of the Space Arena universe!

💬 And that’s all, Commanders! Did you know that the name “ArcFusion Array” does not speak for itself? Or did the investigation of the HQ become a real surprise for you? In any case, we’d love to hear your opinion! We would also welcome your suggestions on the following myths to check!

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