Space Legends, ThunderCat
June 29
👨‍🚀 Greetings Commanders!

🤓 The Galactic HQ reporting. We continue our astonishing “Space Legends” segment! This segment is a kind of Space Arena Records Book. Hall of Fame, in which the names of those commanders whose achievements are worthy of being remembered will be immortalized. By the way, within this section, the names of both community members and legendary figures in the history of the Arena will be announced. Maybe, you have done something extraordinary and want to share it? Please write to us! Who knows, maybe your name will go down in history?..

🚀 And the next Commander, who arrived in our Hall of Fame, is the notorious ThunderCat, part of the Dominus clan. You may find this nickname familiar from a series of great videos with a grand opening of a whole bunch of Galaxy Coordinates at once. But that’s not why he was ascended to our Hall of Fame. I think you are already wondering about his achievement, right? In that case, sit down if you are standing and lie down if you are sitting! Because his achievement is more than one billion seven hundred million credits contributed to the clan! And for those who are not impressed, the exact number in the written form is 1,732,545,000. A ten-digit number. A whole fortune. Without exaggeration, such an achievement would be almost impossible to beat.
And on this wonderful note, we call it a day, Commanders. We congratulate ThunderCat on ascending to a well-deserved place among the Space Legends!

💬 We are looking forward to the new records from you. Feel free to write about your achievements, we are sure you have something to say and something to tell! We wish you all good luck and will be happy to tell you about the new Legends.

See you at the Arena, Commanders!
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