Space Legends, ThunderCat
August 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 HQ is here. The “Space Legends” segment continues! Within this segment, we tell you about the Commanders whose achievements are worthy of being remembered. You may consider this segment as a kind of Space Arena Records Book, where the names of both community members and legendary figures in the history of the Arena may be found. If you feel you have something to share with us or you even know someone worthy of being admitted – contact us!

🚀 Today we gonna talk about the Commander who’s acting at the Arena under the nickname ThunderCat. You probably know that we’ve already mentioned this Commander in one of our previous issues. This is the Commander who contributed a fabulous number of Credits in his Dominus Clan. – 1,732,545,000 Credits. Anyway, today we do not speak about the contributions. He managed to do the impossible… to gain 50000 ranking points during the previous Arena season! He can rightfully be considered the ultimate Space Arena Master!

And that’s not all. During the last Grind Time ThunderCat spent 633 023 934 Credits. While most often Commander preferred to spend event points on the Mjollnir Mk2 and USS Centurion blueprints. But it does not matter, though we can not say the same thing about the astonishing number of wasted Credits. Thus, Commander had earned two titles at once: Ultimate Space Arena Master and Mr. Galactic Deep Pocket. We congratulate our dear ThunderCat with well-deserved titles and welcome back once again to the ranks of the Legends!

💬 And that’s all we have for today. We are monitoring all the achievements of the Commanders’ community. So, if you have something to tell (or, perhaps, you want to tell us about your fellow Commander who has made some progress in something) – go ahead!

We wish you all good luck and will be happy to tell you about more Legends.

See you at the Arena, Commanders!

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