Space Legends Segment. [TFF]Lokii8899
April 21

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 The Galactic HQ reporting. We continue our new segment called “Space Legends”! We recall: this segment is a kind of Space Arena Records Book. Hall of Fame, in which the names of those commanders whose achievements are worthy of being remembered will be immortalized. By the way, within this section, the names of both community members and legendary figures in the history of the Arena will be announced. Maybe, you have done something extraordinary and want to share it? Please write to us! Who knows, maybe your name will go down in history…

🚀 Our next Commander who got into our Hall of Fame is [TFF]Lokii8899. He is a true legendary Commander, without any exaggeration, and here is why. Aside from the fact that Lokii has been playing since June 2020, he also managed to take the first place in the ranking leaderboard ten months in a row! His streak lasted up to February 2022. Imagine ten months of facing such Arena masters as Akira, [TFF]SamSung, [TFF]Iga, and many others. Ten months of endless mind games…

Lokii deserves a special place among the Legends of the Arena, without a doubt!

💬 And that’s all for today, Commanders! We’d love to consider your applications for getting into the “Space Legends” ranks. We’re sure you have a story to tell! We also wish everyone good luck.

We are looking forward to highlighting the new Legends!

See you at the Arena, Commanders!

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