Space Legends, Agent Kielle
October 10

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 HQ’s here. We continue our “Space Legends” segment! This segment is a kind of Space Arena Records Book. Hall of Fame, in which the names of those Commanders whose achievements are worthy of being remembered will be immortalized. By the way, within this section, the names of both community members and legendary figures in the history of the Arena will be announced. Maybe, you have done something extraordinary and want to share it. Please write to us! Who knows, maybe your name will go down in history?

🚀 Today’s issue is dedicated to one of our Agents who’s working for the HQ good for a long time. Even though he’s quite a mystery person, all of you know him very well, and some of you are even managed to work together. Of course, we’re talking about Kielle! The Agent kindly agreed to tell about himself for the HQ correspondents, because, here’s a quote: “Commanders and I went through fire and water, and even some crazy missions in space”.

So, Agent Kielle was working in Committee for Space Security for some time, and it wasn’t gossip. Kielle was an Investigation Division Head. This division was focused on the investigating major cases. Usually, these kinds of cases are remained classified, and almost all of them are somehow connected with the HQ Superiors. As Kielle always says, he hates to interrogate scumbags like pirates, international suspects, and brokers. The latest ones are the most hated ones by the way. Nevertheless, thanks to the Kielle’s Committee, lots of attacks on Arena were prevented, though almost no one didn’t know what Kielle looks like.

And, of course, it’s about time to tell you about the black market smugglers’ story. Kielle was connected with them indeed, but it wasn’t that simple. The thing is the HQ entrusted Agent Kielle to investigate the Point Defense Turrets case. It all started when Arena employees provided the monthly report. Within this report, an abnormal number of destroyed Arena ships was detected. It was 5 times more than the same period! Even the validations initiated by the HQ had found absolutely nothing. And the ships kept breaking…

And so HQ decided Kielle would take over this case to figure out what happened. The first thing he did was infiltrate the Arena Commanders. His nickname was the Black Cardinal. The audience loved his pirouettes which he was conducting on his Cerberos during the Arena battles. After another battle, he sent the ship on the inspection and hid in the HQ Warehouse for the next three hours. According to the received info, exactly on that day, a new batch of Point Defense Turrets would be delivered for Arena participants so they could equip them on their ships. It was a matter of considerable shock to him to learn that instead of the Centurions which usually make such kind of delivery, a bunch of Eidolons with pirates’ marks lent. As it turned out later, HQ senior officials were buying up the well-worn modules from the smugglers and pirates at half price. All the documents were faked. We don’t have to explain that the efficacy of such turrets is extremely low. Instead of the usual 30% chance to disrupt a missile, Commanders could hope for 15% or even 10%.

At that time Kielle understood that superiors are behind it. He decided to act all alone. He found out about the exact date of the next delivery, notified his fellows from the Division, stole one of the Eidolons during the shipment, and landed on the Arena territory. And when the goods were being unloaded, Kielle and co arrested all those who were somehow connected with this scam, starting from the porters and ending with the senior management. After the case was solved, and the news was released to all media, Kielle’s boss “asked kindly” to announce his retirement. And the main evidence was the taken pictures where Kielle was captured near the pirates’ ships. Kielle refused to do so. And after that, there were plenty of vain attempts to arrest Kielle. He was even put on the international wanted list. And you know what? Kielle got extremely lucky – there was a retired Captain among his friends (Kielle asked us to keep his name secret). After a couple of phone calls and emails, Kielle suddenly got disappeared from the wanted lists. What’s more, he even managed to back again in the HQ. Though, he works in the HQ Information Security Sector to this day.

After the HQ listened to this story, we decided to include Agent Kielle in the Space Legends. And we proudly grant him the title “The Terror of All Criminals”. Agent Kielle, the Commanders’ community is proud of you!

💬 And that’s all we have for today, Commanders. We look forward to new records from you, feel free to write about your achievements, we are sure you have something to say and tell.

We wish everyone good luck and will be happy to tell you about new Legends.

See you at the Arena, Commanders!


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