Space Atlas, Hammerhead
May 26

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Now’s the best time to continue our impressive segment called Space Atlas! We remind you: within this segment, we will share with you some information about the world of the Space Arena: ships, locations, and much more. And it’s all in infographic format!

🚀 This time, the HQ decided to tell you about one well-known and effective ship from the Frigate ship class. Of course, we are talking about the Hammerhead.

The infographic below provides information about this ship. You may already know something about Hammerhead, but we’re sure that you’ll find lots of new information for yourself.

💬And that’s all for today, Commanders. HQ staff will be infinitely glad to hear your opinion about this section in general and regarding this issue in particular. We look forward to hearing from you!

See you at the Arena!

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