Space Arena 2.0 is here!
April 09

We waited! 100% readiness of the Space Arena bombing update on Android and IOS:


What’s new is waiting for you in Space Arena:

The Class Fights mode is a new mode in which opponents fight each other depending on the level of the player and the class of the ship. In the case of victory, players receive chips and coordinates of galaxies.

Exploration of galaxies – victories in class battles will allow you to expand your horizons and explore new galaxies in search of valuable resources, credits, and blueprints for special ships. Fight, win class battles and find the coolest coordinates of galaxies!

Improvement of the modules – you can improve the characteristics of the modules and increase their efficiency with the chips and earned currency. Do not forget about the computing blocks, they will help you to increase the likelihood of hacking module improvements.

Well, are you ready to win class battles and explore new galaxies? Then go ahead!

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