Some FAQ for players
August 22

Answers to a series of frequently asked questions about gameplay. Read the information and take part in the poll, commanders! 👨‍🚀

1. How can I understand how much damage ships cause each other❓
🔹The “damage” parameter in weapon modules means the amount of damage done per shot at the cell(s) and depends on the type of weapon. It is necessary to pay attention to its Fire rate parameter in order to understand what damage value will be caused by the module per unit of time.

2.Why are ships so characteristic move in different directions during a battle simulation❓
🔹During the battle on the ship are different forces. both from the shooting modules on the player’s ship, and from hits from the shots of the enemy’s ship. The direction of movement of the ship also depends on which modules have been damaged, and which engines have failed. For these reasons, the ship sometimes sharply turns in different directions.

3. I added about 50 friends to Space Arena to receive a daily bonus. But the bonus does not match the number of added friends. The bonus is much smaller. Is this a bug❓
🔹No, this is not a bug. The number of Celestium per friend matches your game level.

4. I think it would be better to see the design of the enemy ship during the battle. Why don’t developers introduce this feature❓
🔹In an ordinary Arena, you are shown the general characteristics of the enemy ship before the battle. With this help, you can understand the effectiveness of the installed ship modules from the results of the battle.
Because of this, players have an interest in the ongoing work on the assembly of the ship. Demonstrating the full build of the enemy will kill the interest in finding a good build.

5. I want to look at the characteristics of my ship after installing the protection modules. Where can I see them❓
🔹At the moment, indicators of protection and armor to the ship are not shown in the Space Arena.
Therefore, the player should focus on the following indicators: Small steel armor has its own strength indicators (125 HP) and armor (3.45).
At the same time, each module of this armor takes exactly one cell of the ship. Therefore, each cell of the ship, equipped with small steel armor, is protected by 3.45 armor units. each such cell with armor will take out 125 units of damage.
With these indicators, you can understand the security of your ship. Over time, there will appear more durable types of armor, in which the indicators for hp and armor are higher.
When comparing these numbers, you can understand which module makes your ship more armored.

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