Ships for the upcoming Anomalies! 07/04/2024
July 04

👨‍🚀 And here are the ships for the upcoming Anomalies. Like the previous times, these were designed by our Commanders as well. They will get their reward within the Monthly Digest. Submit your ships for Anomalies on our Discord server.

🗯 Day 1. Armor deficit. Only common armor modules are available. Turrets were removed. Health of all Modules +100%, Armor of all Modules -25%, Reflect of all Modules -25%. Screenshot №1. Kraken. The creator – Commander me me breadnoughtttt.

🗯 Day 2. There is always a choice. All modules are available with 40/40 upgrades. Damage of all Modules -50%, Power Generation of all Modules -50%, Health of all Modules -50%. Screenshots №2 and №3. Kingfisher and one support Hawk ship. The creator – Commander EnderRobo.

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