Ships for the upcoming Anomalies! 05/09/2024
May 09

👨‍🚀 And here are the ships for the upcoming Anomalies. Like the previous times, these were designed by our Commanders as well. They will get their reward soon. All mentioned ships will be available with modifications at the start of the event.

🗯 Day 1: The Clumsy Beast. Class: Frigate. All modules are available except for the Warp Drive. Modifiers: Turn Power of engines -75%, Power Use of all modules -33%, Thrust power of engines +50%.

Screenshot #1: Killswitch. The creator – Commander ☯Melody ✚ MonNya ✚ MW☯

🗯 Day 2: The Pandora’s Box. Class: Galactic Carrier. All modules are available with an upgrade of 40/40. Modifiers: Penetrating damage of ballistic weapons +50%, Rocket damage +100%, Energy consumption of lasers -50%.

Screenshots #2 and #3: Nyarlathotep and three support ships. The creator – Commander beesbeans

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