Ship improvements in upcoming update 2.2
August 08

📣Greetings, commanders!
Last week, we promised that we would tell you about one big innovation that developers are currently working on. 👇👇👇This post will be dedicated to SHIP IMPROVEMENT.

The ship improvement system will be based on the same principles as the module improvement system:

🔹the ship will have an improvement system in which modifiers (performance bonuses) will be present. The value of the characteristic will increase with increasing level of the modifier.
🔹the upgraded modifiers will affect the characteristics of the installed modules. bonus features will be added to the existing characteristics of the module installed on the ship. The bonus percentage will depend on the level of the upgraded ship modifier.

The ship improvement system will work as follows:
🔴ship improvement will occur with a certain chance for the drawings of this ship and credits
🔴each ship will have its own schemes, it will be impossible to exchange schemes of one ship for schemes of another
🔴the upgrade of the modifier level of the ship will occur when accumulating upgrade points for each successful improvement of the parameters
🔴bonuses’ properties apply only to one ship on which these bonuses have been pumped
🔴ship bonus applies to both the main ship and the support ship
🔴 bonuses from the ship and bonuses from the modules add up. For example, if a ship has a bonus of + 1% to strength, and a module has + 2% to strength, then the player will receive a bonus + 3% to the strength of modules of this type
🔴from different modules of different types the same bonus is summed up
🔴 from different modules of the same type, the bonus is similarly summed

These are the changes that await the game in the near future. Do you think this innovation will diversify the gameplay? Write your opinion in the comments.👇👇👇

❗️ATTENTION ❗️Since the version is under testing, the information in this post is conditional and reflects the status of the update at the time of publication. Some changes and innovations may not get into the release version or enter it in another form. Screenshots, exact values ​​of the characteristics and details of the game mechanics may not be relevant after the update.

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