Ship balance chages
September 11

👨‍🚀Hello commanders!

Important changes were made in the balance of the following ships: Type K4-8U70 and Ritari Mk.II “Knight of Light”.

The goal of these changes is to improve ships and increase their competitiveness.

🤗We hope you will enjoy the improvements. Let us know if you’re planning to use these ships more often!

1️⃣ Ritari Mk.II “Knight of Light” starting bonus value changes:

🔹Armor of Armor Modules: before +0.5% —> after +5%

2️⃣K4-8U70 starting bonus value changes:

🔹Strength Shield Modules: before +6%—> after +7%

🔹Damage from Laser Modules: before +5%—> after +6.5%

🔹Armor of Armor Modules: before +2.9% —> after +6%”

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