Share your blueprints, Commanders!

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

You can never have too many blueprints, as you all well know. If you are sharp enough while purchasing something from Black Market merchants, you can also hear a special proverb from them. “Not the greedy Commander who has a few blueprints, but that who continues to buy and keep them all for a rainy day which never happens”. Well, these lords of the “best offers” know best…

📡 Nevertheless, HQ staff got interested in gathering such interesting statistics. Commanders, how many blueprints do you have in the hangar granaries? Perhaps, we can call one of you The Blueprints Mogul? We invite you to show off… Okay, we meant you to share the screenshots of your stockpile of blueprints. Here’s a tip if you got lost in the hangar: scroll down in the Shop section so you can find the Sell Blueprints button. 

Let’s see who’s The Blueprints Mogul, Commanders!

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