Saving Artworks Results!
April 01

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 A month ago, we prevented the Arena from colliding with a huge space object and saved ourselves from a massive disaster. In honor of this momentous occasion, HQ superiors decided to add a special red-banner day for the international galactic calendar – “Salvation Day” and declare March a month of the saving artworks! And now, the time has come to sum up, the results of this event and announce those commanders who have contributed to the perpetuation of our triumph.

👾 So, without further delay, let’s move on to the announcement of the list of our artists! All works will be published in the #user-generated-content channel on our Discord server.

1. Sslava Essikov – 30 AP
2. Denis Sharshov – 10 AP

1. cardinal – 10 AP
2. FaceSpace – 50 (55) AP
3. [DOM]Pzy1337 – 10 AP
4. Andy3110 – 40 AP
5. padfoot9445 – 10 AP
6. EnderRobo – 15 AP
7. Lokii8899 – 10 AP
8. Smashalot – 5 AP
9. Kuznetsov – 10 AP
10. udin – 10 AP
11. DE4DL1FT – 10 AP
12. FoxyxD8 – 20 AP
13. burn – 5 AP
14. SpaceXplorer – 10 AP
15. PS.Sven – 5 AP
16. Mjr Konstantinovitch Zkv – 15 AP
17. Gringo – 15 (10+5) AP
18. Spidroxide – 15 AP
19. FRMünster – 20 AP

🥳 Thank you for your outstanding work! We will send the awards to the winners as soon as possible.
With this, our adventures to save the Arena conclude. But we do not plan to call it the end, Commanders! Indeed, we will be waiting for the first celebration of “Salvation Day” next year. Imagine, now our community has its own holiday! We hope to see all those directly involved in these legendary events on this Holiday.

💬 And now it’s time to share your opinion! Tell us which artwork you liked the most? How do you generally like this format of the creative competition without strict time frames? We will be glad to hear from you!

And, as always, see you at the Arena, Commanders!

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