Rebalance of Capital Cannon
October 13

👩‍🚀Greetings, commanders! We have some truly killer news for you!

🔎We have pondered for a long time about the balance of the Capital Cannon module in the comments and private messages.

💣So today you have the opportunity to use the already modified module. Let’s see what has been changed in Capital Cannon regular and mk. II version.

🔹Rebalance of regular Capital Cannon:

– Damage: increased from 75 to 85;

– Health: increased from 300 to 380.

🔹Rebalance of mk.II Capital Cannon:

– Damage: increased from 81 to 88;

– Health: increased from 360 to 440.

What do you think of the module changes? Are you eager to try it with the new parameters?

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