PSS Miran and PSS Miran mk.II: how do they differ from each other?
June 04

We noticed that some questions from Space Arena newcomers🚀 are often repeated.

Therefore, we decided to create a test post with a comparison of the base and mk.II versions of the PSS Miran.

In the picture, you can see the main differences in the parameters of these ships.

In addition to this, there are two fundamental differences between the versions of PSS Miran:

1)Purchase method:

– Miran mk.II can be bought for special blueprints and in-game credits, so you need to farm the resources for obtaining this ship. Such blueprints may be randomly received for victories in class battles;

-regular Miran can be bought for a donation offer that appears at the 10th game level. This saves the player time, because already at the initial stage of the game you can get a ready-made space ship.


– for the PSS Miran in the regular version, only blue blueprints are suitable, which are cheaper than special blueprints in the in-game store. Such blueprints are only needed to upgrade ship bonuses.

-for mk.II version only yellow (special) blueprints are suitable. They are needed for researching the ship, and for upgrading its bonuses.

As you can see, the two versions of the PSS Miran have visible differences. However, each player chooses for himself whether he will independently obtain drawings for the mk.II version with additional slots, or he will decide to purchase an earlier version at the very beginning of the game.

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