Piraty Legace adventure continues!
June 13

👨‍🚀 Aaaaaaargh, Commanders!

🚀 The galactic calendar notified us that exactly one week has passed since our new Community Event called Pirate Legacy adventure has started! We remind you: this time we had gathered a new expeditionary fleet that consists of the most active Commanders. And all this for the one main goal – to find the Treasure of Chris Hailstorm. And so the adventure has begun from the one hell of the obstacle – the impressive field of asteroids that our Expeditionary Fleet should somehow overcome.

☄ So, Commanders. We have chosen one of the three options by voting – fly around the asteroid field and not endanger the fleet. “A professional decision that was made by professional Commanders indeed” – said one of the Fleet gunners and left the meeting. All other Fleet representatives left the meeting after him as well and began to prepare for the order execution. Commanders settled in the helm cabins, entered the coordinates of a sector, and turned on all engines. The pleasant voice of the girl broadcasting from the galactic GGPS (Global Galactic Positioning System) designed by the Wartech Systems soon notified all Commanders on the board of the Fleet ship that the flight would take about seven days of Earth time when using the autopilot feature. And so, the adventure has finally begun…

Day after day, Commanders were carefully flying around the asteroids. Approximately on the second day, some of the expedition team members realized that they have plenty of spare time which they totally should spend on something worthwhile. And, as a result, it was successfully wasted on repairing and modifying the Fleet ships’ modules. It turned out that both repairing and upgrading went quite well – even the old Afterburner module from one of the Phantom Fleet ships began to function once again. Although we had wasted a bunch of supplies on such an unexpected business. And, frankly speaking, only some of the Commanders were motivated to do something during this week that seemed eternal. The rest of the Expeditionary team were either scrolling the everlasting memes feed or were just sleeping almost all day long. Moreover, some of them even got depressed because of the lack of thrill they used to feel almost every day on Arena.

But everything got changed once the Fleet had left the last sector full of so annoying asteroids. After Commanders have followed the last hated celestial body with their eyes, they entered new coordinates. It was the coordinates of a small desert planet that seemed to be completely abandoned by all living creatures that ever existed. According to the info from verifiable sources, Kris might hide the treasure map right here. And so during the flight a completely unknown route, Commanders got extremely lucky in one moment. They have discovered a rare cosmic phenomenon – a thick stardust cloud of enormous size called The Apollo Cloud in various earth and galactic encyclopedias. Even though some Commanders rather started feeling anxious about the cloud at the beginning (probably because of its strange lavender-golden flashes), it soon became clear to all of them the cloud also serves a certain pragmatic and very useful purpose. One of the Commanders discovered that kind of purpose when he found an encyclopedia called “The Encyclopedia of the space-world engineering”. It says that The Apollo Cloud covers all the hulls of the ships that fly through it with the special glowing layer of membrane that protects from the small annoying asteroids and some types of ballistic projectiles as well.

But in this case, The Apollo Cloud played tricks with Commanders. Literally five minutes and a two-kilometers flight later after “ships’ tuning”, Commanders noticed that radars were beeping so often and loud like they were completely out of control, completely broken. Thanks to the glowing thing, the Fleet was detected by the pirate recon squad that was patrolling the nearest sector. They immediately intercept and share among other pirate squads Commanders’ radio frequencies. It’s not hard to guess what happened next. Pirates reacted in their own unique way to such a discovery. They just regrouped and surrounded Expeditionary Fleet using Carriers and Linkors with Warp Drives in the blink of an eye. Exactly in that time, Commanders received the following recording:

“Ahoy! We al’ know who ya are and what kind of Expedition do ya conduct. Leave all yor’ ships one by one, and we’ll spare yor’ lives! Don’t wor’. We only need your Celestium, chips, and Credits. And, of course, all yor’ info about Kris map. But make it smooth and don’t do anything stupid. Or we’ll shoot ya! AYE AYE!!”

– Well folks, they are too many of them. Perhaps we should retreat for now – that’s how another video meeting had started (it was broadcasted using secured frequencies). And all of sudden, the usual meeting with its precise agenda transformed into a chaotic farce with a string of insults:

– You are nothing but a small fry and Arena loser! We DO have military strength enough to crush them! Victory is ours!

– What did you mumble, ol’ poser? Turn your prosthetic eyes to maximum and take a better look at their number of troops! We’re totally screwed!

– All this expedition is one big mistake…

– Shut up and stop panicking, all of you! – Supreme Fleet Commandant shouted into the microphone with all the force of his trained voice. Let me think…

Once he said that all Commanders were kicked from the meeting except the Arena veterans and some of the trusted officers. Supreme Fleet Commandant turned on the screen sharing feature on his nanobook. There were only three text bars.

– Gosh, I think I have a headache now because of these morons… Well, even though some of them said completely nonsense, I highlighted a couple of scenarios that we can execute. What do you all think?

Okay, Commanders, it is time for all of us to take part in such an unscheduled meeting too! Here are the three scenarios Supreme Fleet Commandant talked about. Same as the last time: all you have to do is to choose one of the scenarios by voting. But choose carefully: each of the scenarios will affect all three states, and if one of them will equal zero, the expedition is over.

Choose one of the orders that Supreme Fleet Commandant should give to the Fleet:

  1. Shoot from all Melee Fusion Turrets.
  2. Turn on the Warp Drives modules and leave the sector.
  3. Send out a distress signal via Federation radio frequency and direct the energy from reactors to shields and Point Defense Turrets.

We invite you to vote to our Discord community! Let’s decide the fate of the Expeditionary Fleet and the expedition itself together, Commanders!

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