September 14

🏴‍☠ Yarr, Commanders! The Anomalies event is starting tomorrow.

Let’s take a look at the ships that will be available in the Anomalies. This time, we didn’t even have to intercept data from the HQ. You already know these ships perfectly!

We’re talking about two pirate ships from the Corvette and Cruiser classes: PSS Sparrow Mk.II and PSS EL-K Mk.II. Both ships will be available with all modifications.

However, the main feature of these Anomalies, apart from the pirate engineering legacy, is the modules. The HQ will grant access to some modules, the parameters of which are upgraded to 40/40. Among them, you can find the recently added testing module “EMP Launcher”. This module is capable of temporarily disabling enemy modules.

👉 The upcoming Anomalies promise to be interesting, Commanders. What do you think? Share your thoughts on our Discord server!

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