Pirate Legacy, Part 3 🏴‍☠
June 29
👨‍🚀 Ahoy, Commanders!

🦜 Our biomechanical HQ parrot informed us that another week of our Pirate Legacy adventure has passed. So it’s time for a new chapter and a new choice. Be vigilant, now everything is at stake and it depends only on you whether our expedition will turn into a disastrous failure or a glorious triumph.
We remind you: the Expeditionary Fleet, consisting of the bravest Commanders, went searching for the treasures of the legendary pirate Chris Hailstorm. An immense asteroid field was left behind, but soon a formidable pirate fleet took its place. And their demands were, uncomplicated, but undeniably strict: surrender, abandon your ships, give up all credits, Celestium, and supplies. As well as all available information on the map of Chris Hailstorm. Of course, the Expeditionary Fleet could not accept any of these demands, let alone all of them.

🚀 After voting and heated debate, a risky decision to fight back was made. And the Supreme Fleet Commander decided to start it brightly – with the rain of fire from the Melee Fusion Turrets.
– Gentlemen, ladies, I was glad to meet you. Let’s make sure that our acquaintance does not end so ingloriously. And although this decision was difficult for us, I believe that it was the right one. Raise shields. Redirect the energy flow to the Fusion Turrets. Let’s show these mutts how the bravest gladiators of the Arena fight! – the well-paced voice of the old pirate thundered through the command bridges of all the fleet ships.
– Excellent choice, Supreme Commander! It has been my honor to serve with you, sir. When we get out, I will definitely treat you to any drink of your choice.
– Do you hear yourself at all? This is pure madness!
– You are all crazy for sure, but damn it, I’m in! Ready to open fire on your command.
– Let’s move this farce to later. The guns are warmed up! Give us an order, Commander!
– Fleet, listen to my command, open fire from all guns! Priority – enemy battleships! Turn them into stardust!
As soon as the last words escaped the lips of the old pirate, the space of the distant sector was lit up with explosions and laser fire. Pirates, until recently confident in their superiority and happy to prey on an easy victim, found themselves on a real battlefield. The first salvo of the Expeditionary Fleet wiped out a quarter of the pirate fleet from the face of the galaxy. No one expected that the surrounded and cornered ships belonged to the bravest fighters of the Space Arena. After recovery from the first shock and the first losses, the pirates returned fire from their ballistic guns. At that moment, the ships of the expeditionary fleet turned off their shields and took a hit on the Apollo’s defensive layer, which easily absorbed the first volley. The pirates were taken aback by this unexpected turn and switched to heavy missile weapons, which soon faced an unpassable barrier of newly raised shields. Superiority in numbers was on the side of the pirates, but the competent command of the old pirate seemed to foresee their every move. Many pirates decided that this adventure was not worth it and hurried to retreat from the battlefield. However, those that remained were no less experienced than the Commanders of the Expeditionary Fleet. A fierce battle ensued, but soon it was all over. The Expeditionary Fleet emerged victorious from this confrontation, but the losses were substantial. A third of the fleet was lost, while another part was disabled and unable to continue the expedition. The fleet had to stop at the satellite of one of the planets of the sector for repairs. The owners of the damaged ships had to leave them, and move to the ships of their comrades in arms. As a result, a little less than half of the ships capable to fight remained from the huge fleet. The good news is that part of the resources spent in the battle was compensated by collecting supplies from destroyed pirate ships. Also, this victory inspired our heroes, even if the triumph was overshadowed by the awareness of the losses incurred.
However, the expedition continued, and a copy of the Hailstorm map showed that they were already very close to the desired treasure, the last push remained. It was decided to send some of the fastest ships for reconnaissance, while the rest of the fleet was engaged in the repair works. Soon the scouts returned and reported the following: a planet was discovered nearby. Hailstorm’s treasury is supposedly located on the satellite of this planet. However, a small, abandoned spaceport was seen orbiting the satellite. The scouts were unable to determine who it belongs to, but the spaceport itself looked functional but completely uninhabited. Also, no serious defenses were discovered along the entire perimeter of the spaceport, only a few old Vulcan turrets that ignored scouts that flew closer.
The supplies of the expedition are running low, and the goal is incredibly close. It is impossible to delay any longer, so the Commander called the last meeting.
– So, ladies and gentlemen, we were notably battered, but we are already close to our goal. However, we have to face another obstacle. This time we are confronted with complete uncertainty. It’s hard to say where this spaceport came from, I suspect that it has something to do with old Chris. And Chris was a very unusual person, this “surprise” can be both our salvation and our death. Intelligence reports that the spaceport’s defense systems do not pose a threat to our fleet and do not show aggression. However, everything can change after we find the treasure. We also don’t know for sure where exactly the treasure is located, perhaps it is hidden on the surface, right under the spaceport. In any case, we can’t stay still for long, it is not known how soon the escaped pirates will return and bring their friends with them. I propose to make a difficult decision – to leave the ships incapable of battle and head straight to the planet, – it was with this monologue that the Supreme Commander opened the last meeting of captains.
– But wait, Commander, why do we have to leave our ships behind? We can take them in tow and take them to the spaceport. In doing so, we will be able to save the ships and repair them.
– Yeah, a great plan, and the pirates will politely wait until we crawl to the port in tows? And of course, the spaceport is one hundred percent absolutely safe and will be happy to receive us, yeah, for sure! I propose to abandon these leaky buckets and smash the station to dust with our long-range guns. A good missile salvo and we will get rid of the potential threat. What if this is a trap and a fleet of bloodthirsty pirates is based inside the spaceport? Old Chris was a lunatic, I don’t think he didn’t take care of his treasures.
– Come on, don’t forget, although he was a psycho, he also had his code of pirate honor and was not a coward. He wouldn’t set up vile traps. Rather, he would upload his consciousness into a huge Mjollnir and show us hell! Damn, I really hope that no huge Mjollnir is waiting for us there with Chris’s brains inside…
– Gentlemen, I was one of the participants in the reconnaissance mission. I think we could detect a huge ship with the mind of an evil pirate, believe me. This spaceport is not so big and looked extremely peaceful. I suggest we go straight there and take up defenses, leaving the ships on this planet. Maybe the pirates will decide that the entire fleet is on the satellite, this will buy us enough time to fortify the spaceport and repair the damaged ships. We’ll get the treasure as soon as we’re sure that we are safe.
After listening to other commanders, the Supreme Commander summarized:
– Gentlemen, ladies, thank you for the proposed options and opinions. I see the four most realistic options for our small adventure. And even if one of these options looks suicidal, I’ll keep my opinion to myself. I propose not to stretch the discussion anymore and move straight to the vote. Time is not on our side.

📚 So, Commanders! The time has come to make the final choice that will determine the fate of the Expeditionary Fleet, the moment of truth has come!
As always, each Commander can vote for one of the options. But remember: every choice you make affects all three stats, and bringing even one stat to zero will end the adventure. Also, ten more units of “Supplies” and “Morale” are spent every turn. This turn is no exception. We also recommend that you read the text and understand which option the Supreme Commander referred to as “suicidal”.

So it’s time to choose:
1) Abandon damaged ships and go straight to the planet;
2) Take the damaged ships in tow and as a whole fleet go to the spaceport;
3) Abandon damaged ships, destroy the spaceport from afar and land on the planet;
4) Abandon the damaged ships and go to the spaceport.

Set sail, Commanders, treasure awaits!
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