Pirate Legacy adventure!
June 07

👨‍🚀 All hands on deck, Commanders!

🚀 The galactic calendar shows that June has already arrived. And that means it’s time for a new Community Event! And this time we have prepared for you something really exciting and unusual.
Welcome to the Pirate Legacy adventure!

📖 As always, let’s start with a little history.

As many of you know, not too long ago, the Galactic HQ Expeditionary Force discovered a proto-planet that was colonized over a thousand years ago, around the year 3000. And this planet is proudly called “New Eden”. With the help of the bravest commanders, the elite of our community, the expeditionary fleet was able to reach the mentioned planet, and a new era of exploration began. With the achievement of New Eden, a new safe route was laid out on the star maps, along which many research vessels soon moved. And whole fleets of ethnoarchaeological forces rushed into the newly discovered planet. And along with researchers from all over the observable universe, various adventurers moved in the direction of New Eden. Soldiers of Fortune, retired mercenaries, fleet veterans, merchant clans, smugglers, and just curious spacefolks. And also pirates. The Gentlemen of Fortune has always known that new discoveries mean new opportunities. Of course, at this stage of exceptional interest in the newly re-discovered sector, the buccaneers were extremely cautious, as huge Federation fleets are constantly patrolled and guarded the new sector. However, Fortuna is a capricious lady and she is always full of surprises.

By a mysterious coincidence, one of the members of the first expedition to the New Eden was an old, retired pirate who became one of the Expeditionary Fleet’s trusted navigational advisers. This expedition was to be the last mission of the retired space wolf. He was going to spend a quiet and peaceful old age on a newly discovered planet. But the Gentlemen of Fortune call themselves that for a reason. Luckily, the retired pirate learned that hundreds of years ago, the inhabitants of the planet New Eden encountered the legendary Chris Hailstorm. And what’s more, shortly before his defeat in the last battle with the Federation, the legendary pirate captain was visiting this planet. And not just as a guest. He met here with a man who was responsible for the safety of his treasures. No one knows what kind of treasure Chris hid somewhere nearby. But considering who this man was, there is no doubt that it must be something priceless.

Moreover, the bartender who served drinks to Chris and his silent companion that night had an amazing memory and he was able to recreate the map that was shown to Chris that day nearly perfectly. And a copy of this map is still kept on the planet. And soon it was in the hands of an old pirate. So this way, fate called our hero to his next “Last Case”. A call was issued. The old pirate was gathering a new expeditionary fleet, created with one goal – to find the Treasure of Chris Hailstorm. This call stormed through the entire universe like a hurricane, and within a few cycles, a huge fleet of fortune-seekers (half of which were pirates) gathered in the orbit of New Eden.
So, it’s time to go for the “Pirate Legacy”!

👾 What are the mechanics of the event?

A month of adventure awaits you. Once a week, a new chapter will be released, in which you will need to choose one of the scenarios by voting. Your fleet has three indicators: Morale, Fleet Condition, and Supplies, the starting values ​​of which you can see on the art below. If one of the indicators drops to zero, the expedition will fail. Each of your choices will affect all three states: one of them will be significantly reduced, one will be slightly reduced, and the third will increase. At the same time, the Morale and Supplies will decrease by 10 points every chapter, regardless of the choice made, since the Supplies are to be spent and the Morale to be decreased during the expedition.
So choose wisely! The first choice awaits you below all the rules of the event.

👾 How to take part in the event?

Commanders need to join the Expeditionary Fleet. To do this, write in the comments of any of the chapters the phrase “Set sails!”. And of course, you must vote in at least two chapters.

👾 What is the reward of a successful expedition?

Upon reaching the goal, all qualified members of the expedition will receive a reward in Auction Points.
Those Commanders who prove themselves in the best way will receive an additional reward in Celestium, Credits, and one blueprint of a special ship or 10 blueprints of a regular ship to choose from.

However, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Take part in all 3 chapters of the event;

  2. Vote in the last chapter for a successful option that will not lead to the death of the fleet;

  3. Write a key phrase (under any of the chapters).

👾 How long will the event last?

The event will last four weeks, three of which will involve a choice. The results will be summed up on June 30.
On the last day of the event, a special post will be released with an epilogue to the story and a list of awards. Of course, considering that the expedition will be completed successfully.

🏴‍☠ So set sails, it’s time to make the first choice!

☄ A few cycles after the departure of the expeditionary fleet from the New Eden spaceport, an impressive field of asteroids spread out in front of the expedition members. Judging by the density and amount of debris, once there was a collision of the satellite of the nearest planet with a comet. As well as several serious military clashes. A lot of debris of unknown origin littered the already small gaps between the asteroids. And while the total space occupied by the field is not incredibly vast, it is still a serious obstacle.

Before the leader of the expedition, the same old pirate, the question arose of how to get around this obstacle. He suggested not to risk the fleet and fly around the asteroid field. Yes, it will take a lot of time, but this decision does not entail any risks. But this decision was not to the liking of other members of the expedition. It was decided to arrange a general meeting via video link and decide on a plan of action.

There are three options on the agenda:

  1. Fly around the asteroid field and not endanger the fleet;

  2. Use careful maneuvering and navigating to fly through the asteroid field;

  3. Methodically clear a path through asteroids and space debris with the ship’s weapons.

They decided to choose a plan of action with the help of a democratic vote. Join our Reddit to vote!

Happy hunting, Commanders!

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