Newbies Guide, 30.06
August 20

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Today we have prepared for you the third installment of the “Newbies Guide” segment, in which we publish tips and life hacks from experienced players regarding various gameplay aspects of the Space Arena. This time we will talk about the main elements of the Space Arena interface, as well as the various game modes and levels required to open them. As a bonus, top players shared tips on the best modules for starting the game.

💬 So, let’s start by looking at the player interface.

Wrench and Hammer – opens the ship customization screen.

White plus on a gold background – allows you to expand the number of available slots in the Commander’s hangar.

To the left of the three described buttons are the Event Calendar and a link to the store where you can watch an advertisement, for viewing which a certain amount of Celestium is awarded. If you look higher, you could find a tree of technical improvements of the selected ship and a section of its modifications. To the right from the ship’s model is the commander’s Mailbox, and just above it is the Mission and Daily Quests section.

Now let’s look at the tabs above the ship’s name:

The first tab is the link to the home screen described above, as known as Hangar.

The next one is the entrance to the Fleet ArenaThe Fleet Arena is one of the game modes available for participation starting from the 6th level of the player. Each player can feel like an Admiral of his own fleet in this mode if he wants to earn extra Celestium and experience while having enough credits for this.

To participate, each player must collect and buy a fleet of ships that are available at the current experience level. The larger and more expensive the ships purchased – the more enemy ships will be destroyed. Read more about the Fleet Arena here.

The third tab is one of the most important sections in the game, the Laboratory, where each Commander researches new modules for his ship and improves the existing ones. The technology tree of the Laboratory is divided into three main areas: WeaponsDefense, and Utility. In each of their branches, the modules corresponding to the name are examined.

Also, through the Laboratory tab, you can access the Black Market. The Black Market is a section where you can buy unusual upgraded versions of modules available at a fairly high price, those modules available for purchase with Сelestium or credits. Access to the Black Market opens at the tenth level of the player. This is one of three ways to get your hands on modifications to the base modules. The other two are Sectors and Special Offers in the store.

The next tab on the main screen is the Sectors already mentioned above, Sectors also known as CampaignSectors become available for playing starting the eighth level of the player. There are currently 7 sectors available in the game at the moment. The last of the currently available sectors unlocks at level 46 of the player. Opponents in the sectors are fixed and have unique names, many of which are so-called “Easter eggs”. Regardless of the enemy ship’s type and class, his ship is presented in a single version and does not have the support ships. For winning each stage of the sector, the player receives a reward: Credits, Celestium, or experience points. For completing the entire sector, the Commander is rewarded with a unique modification of a certain module, depending on the sector, in addition to a large amount of experience, Сelestium, and credits.

The next tab is the rating, where you can get acquainted with the Top-100 players, with various leagues, get rewards for reaching certain leagues, view the friend list, and collect a daily reward for friends in the game, you can also find out your rating.

The next tab is the Player Profile and App settings. In the settings, you can configure sounds, FPS level, get acquainted with the creators, sync your account with Facebook, connect to Google Play services, and configure the language. You can also find out the current version of the game at the bottom of this tab. In the Profile tab, you can find information about the player’s Commander, his league, his level, the number of wins, the player’s rating, the current amount of experience and the required amount of experience to reach the next level, the number of defeats, technologies achieved and enemy ships destroyed during the career. In this tab, you can also change the in-game nickname and find out your player ID.

The next tab is the Galaxy Explorer mode. This mode becomes available starting from the 15th level of the player. In this mode, the player can send his commander to explore various distant Galaxies. To explore the Galaxy, you need its Coordinates and the energy reserve of the Hyperdrive reactor. Each research grants from 2 to 5 rewards, including Chance Changes, Credits, Ship Blueprints, and Chips. You can store a maximum of 12 energy points, 1 unit of energy points is restored every hour, in total it takes 12 hours to restore the entire energy supply.

Coordinate storage has a limited capacity, initially, ten storage slots are available, the maximum number of slots is forty. Each additional slot could be opened in exchange for in-game currency, slots from 11 to 19 for Credits, and slots from 20 to 40 for Сelestium.

The next tab is the Store. In the Store, players can make purchases for Сelestium, credits, or currency. At the top of the Store is the Special Offers section, if a Special offer has been included in the store. Special offers are presented for a limited period of time, according to the internal calendar of special offers. Below is the section of Daily Deals. This section is individual for each player and is randomly generated, offers in this section are updated every 24 hours. This section is available if the player has reached level 15. There is also a Daily bonus, which can be received every three hours, the reward of the daily bonus is fixed, it is 3 units of Celestium and 5000 credits.

Below you could find the section where you could buy Celestium Crystals.
There is also a tab of Bonuses for purchases, inside this tab you can collect an additional reward for each purchase, up to thirteen rewards. If you look lower you will find a section of the Coordinates of Galaxies suggestions. These coordinates are purchased for Celestium. The galaxies in this section do not waste Reactor Energy on research and contain rewards more valuable than the rewards of Class Battle Galaxies. Below is the Credit acquisition section. In this section, you can buy a certain amount of Credits in exchange for Celestium.

At the very bottom of the store is a section of Free offers. In this section, advertising videos are available for, viewing for which you can earn a Celestium reward. There is also a link to the Tapjoy rewards, in this tab you can get a reward with Celestium, experience, and Credits for completing tasks in other games. The last tab of the Free Offers section is the Blueprint Sell. Inside this tab, each player can sell blueprints he doesn’t need for credits.

This concludes our Guide to the main interface of the Space Arena!


The best modules to start the game according to the top players.

1) Small reactor. The small reactor does not lose its relevance throughout the game, as it occupies only one cell and provides a decent amount of energy. After unique violet upgrade the explosion radius of the small reactor becomes zero, which completely negates the damage to the modules located around the reactor in case of the reactor being destroyed;

2) Chaingun. This weapon module has a very high damage per second, is extremely effective against unarmored targets, and occupies only one cell;

3) Warp Drive (aka Hyperdrive). Sometimes only one successful warp jump draws the line between victory and defeat;

4) Small Laser Mk. II is one of the best weapon modules in the game. Because instead of consuming energy, it produces it. At the same time, it deals decent damage at the cost of reducing the rate of fire. It can be obtained for completing the 4th sector of the Campaign.

5) Vulkan Turret Mk. II – has a reduced cost in energy consumption, increased range, and firing speed. It takes only four cells. This module can be obtained for completing the 2nd sector of the Campaign.

6) Repair bay. This module is practically indispensable in all battles, moreover, the further the player advances, the more repair bays his ships need. This module allows restoring the durability of other modules just in the middle of battle, therefore, to stay in battle longer, which can become a decisive advantage in a battle between ships of the same tier.

🤓 That’s all for today, Commanders, we hope that this guide will be useful for both experienced players and beginners.

Good luck and see you soon!

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