Newbies Guide, 26.05
May 26
👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!
💡 Today we have prepared for you the second post of the “Newbies Guide” segment, in which we publish tips from experienced players about various game aspects.
This time we will touch on the most common bugs that Commanders may encounter during the gameplay. Top players also shared their experience on how to fix such bugs.
At the moment, the most frequent in-game bugs are:
  1. Inability to get a reward for completing a daily task – “Get a friend bonus”.
  2. The friend’s list is displayed incorrectly in the Menu section. Instead of a full list of 56 friends, only one available friend is displayed.
  3. Unable to connect to the Google Play Games service. Because of it, the achievements can not be unlocked.
  4. Video advertisements, which players can observe for Celestium earnings, displayed only from time to time or not displayed at all.
The first problem related to “Get a friend bonus” task can be solved via the community manager’s social network accounts. You can message the community manager or you can write to the official Facebook group’s direct messages. When writing a message, provide your in-game ID and a screenshot that displays the Daily Tasks menu. The community manager will send compensation to your account.
If you are faced with the second problem related to the incorrect friend list display, please make sure that you have the latest installed version of the game. You should try these solutions as well:
  • close the game and open it again;
  • try to disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account attached to the game. This can be done in the Options section, where the gear icon is displayed;
  • delete and reinstall the game. You will need to connect your Facebook account again manually through the same Options section.
If you did all the above and your game is running on the newest client available and it is not fixed yet, you can submit a bug report ticket to one of our community managers.
Make sure when you submit a ticket to include the following info:
  • your device model;
  • game client version;
  • the system update version your device uses;
  • your support ID + in-game nickname.
The third problem, which is related to the Google Play Games service, can be solved by simply restarting the device from which the user is playing. You can also try reinstalling the game, having previously saved the current progress through linking your account.
The last problem related to displaying video advertisements can be solved in the following ways:
  • connect to another Internet network and try to watch the video advertisement;
  • reset the Advertising ID in the mobile settings (for more information, see;
  • delete the Google account from the mobile device and log into it again.
👉 Also, join the SA discord channel and Facebook group to get support and tips from the local community! We will be glad to see you there.
🙏🏻 We thank vampirewolf, Shinsato and Mαjσr Ƙσηѕтαηтιησνιтcн Zнυкσν for their tips!
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