August 08

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

A new trial ship has been introduced in the game, classified as a Galactic Carrier with the codename “Twin.” The main ship is accompanied by three support ships. In total, the ship has 762 cells. It is available for 80 battles and for 7 days in any game mode except Clan Wars and Fleet Arena. Commanders can purchase the offer two times. This ship was made by Commander SireGimps.

The trial ship does not have a repair cooldown.

The ship comes with a unique bonus “Total Module Health” at 10%, and the following parameters and values:

  • Total Weapon Damage +15%
  • Range of Ballistic Modules +15%
  • Range of Laser Modules +15%
  • Strength Shield Modules +30%
  • Total Module Armor +15%
  • Health of Laser Modules +20%
  • Power Use of Laser Modules -6%
  • Power Use of Ballistic Modules -8%
  • Mass of Laser Modules -6,5%

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