October 03

👨‍🚀 Commanders!

A new trial ship has been introduced in the game, classified as a Galactic Carrier with the codename “Imago.” The main ship is accompanied by three support ships. In total, the ship has 760 cells. It is available for 80 battles and for 7 days in any game mode except Clan Wars and Fleet Arena. Commanders can purchase the offer two times.

The trial ship does not have a repair cooldown.

The ship comes with a unique bonus “Total Module Range” at +20%, and the following parameters and values:

  • Total Weapon Damage +15%
  • Range of Ballistic Modules +10%
  • Total Module Armor +15%
  • Health of Ballistic Modules +10%
  • Strength Shield Modules +30%
  • Power Generation of Power Modules +10%
  • Power Use of Ballistic Modules -8%
  • Power Use of Laser Modules -6%

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