New section – “In Touch With Devs”!
March 19

👨‍🚀 Greetings, commanders!

💡 We are starting a new segment called “Devs in touch”, where we will tell about the ins and of Space Arena development. We will share with you interesting moments from our daily work life. Also within this section, we will answer your questions and give our feedback on the most interesting players’ game suggestions. We hope you find the Devs in touch segment interesting and useful!

💬 If you have questions about various game mechanics, you can always ask us in our official social media accounts. We will pass them on to the development team and will publish the answers later!

This time we have collected and answered questions for the current meta of the game.

Q: How does the Junk Launcher module interact with each of the weapon types (ballistic projectile, missile, mines, laser)?

A: The Junk Launcher module itself does not interact in any way with all types of projectiles. It functions as a normal module on the ship. The junk that this module throws out interacts with each type of projectile in the same way as the module on the ship.

Q: Can multiple defense turrets fire at the same target?

A: No, several defense turrets cannot fire at the same target at the same time. However, if one of the defensive turrets misses the target, the other turret may try to shoot it down.

Q: There are known situations when players in matchmaking are thrown to top players who fight on low-tier ships. How this can happen? What rating can the enemy have, in what range does the search take place?

A: The selection of opponents is carried out solely on the matchmaking rating. Indeed, sometimes a player can fight a top-level opponent. This can be explained by the fact that top players often artificially lower their rating by losing on their low-tier ships.

Q: Am I right: the higher the level and class of the ship, the higher the chance of getting a good prize (galaxies, blueprints)? Also, will an increase in the number of class battles on low-class ships allow the player to farm unique items, the probability of which is extremely low?

A: The value of the prizes does not depend on the level of the player and the ship’s class. In many ways, however, the value depends on the league: the higher the league a player has reached, the better prizes will drop out after the class battles victories. Of course, luck shouldn’t be forgotten either. The type of galaxy that falls to the players depends on the player’s luck.

Q: By what principle does a specific weapon choose an attack target that is within its range and radius of action?

A: The choice of the target of the weapon is based largely on the factor that the first will fall into its radius and direction.

Q: Does the repair bay module really do not switch to another damaged module until the current one is 100% repaired?

A: Yes, that’s right, this is a feature of the module’s mechanics. Be sure to take this into account when creating builds where such a module will be integrated.

🤔 What topics should we cover in the next post? We will be glad to hear your ideas for this segment!

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