NEW!!! Feedback from developers commanders!🚀
October 30

There are more and more suggestions from Space Arena players which means that there should be no less feedback from devs😉

Adding prizes for those who entered the top players; Recycling the hangar system and other development plans for your suggestions right here👇

P.S. do not forget to leave a comment on whether you agree with the plans for the game or not. and why commanders🚀!

1. Add weekly or monthly rewards to players who reach the Top-100 or Top-50.
🔶this is a good suggestion, we are planning new features in the system of awards and achievements in one of the next updates.

2. Make changes to the hangars: in one hangar there should be ships of one particular class. And there should be as many hangars as there are classes in the game: from the smallest ship to the largest. For example, in one hangar there are all slots with corvettes.

🔶This idea is quite relevant. We will definitely consider the possibility of changing the current functionality of the hangar and the functions of choosing a ship for battle.

3. Get rid of repeating blueprints for ships. For example, if a ship is fully upgraded, blueprints on it stop falling out.

🔶in one of the upcoming updates, we are planning new features, due to which the ship blueprints will become relevant for almost the entire duration of the game process. So you will not need to get rid of duplicate drawings.

4. Add the ability to convert experience gained after level 54, into Celestium. Earning experience after level 54 is completely pointless.

🔶In future updates, new levels of players will be added, starting from level 55 and above. Therefore, it makes no sense to introduce such an exchange for now.

5. Add the ability to turn off some visual effects to improve phone performance.

🔶This system is now partially implemented. Disabling effects from missiles in battle occurs automatically if the phone’s performance is low.

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