New Contest Time!
February 10

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👽 It’s time for a new contest. Today we invite you to test your… intuition and luck, I guess!

📖 As you probably know, within each big story lies a few smaller ones. And this one is no exception.

One day galactic HQ department that is responsible for income and expenses hired a new associate for the position “Maintenance worker”. It was Joseph – he just graduated from Transgalactic Academy of Mathematics, Physics, and Quantum Science. So, he finally received the first task from his boss. He needed to reconfigure the current holographic signs that are located above the doors. One of them leads to the HQ Currencies Vault. And perhaps Joseph was not paying attention to his boss, or his graduation certificate was fake… Well, eventually, all signs had completely gone, but that was not the main problem. Not only the navigation is gone, but all doors do not react to the employees’ keycards at all!

The arrival of the technics group from another department will take some time, but the HQ Currencies Vault needs to be found and opened now. Commanders, we need to help them! And for sure, the HQ employees will thank Commanders-freelancers generously with an impressive amount of Celestium.

👾 Contest rules:
1) Write the door number where in your opinion the HQ Currencies Vault is located.
2) Indicate support-ID (you can attach a screenshot to the comment).

Those Commanders, who will guess the right door, will receive a prize – 300 Celestium! In a week, on February 17, we will announce the winners. To participate in this contest, visit our social media pages!

Good luck to you, Commanders!

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