More facts about Afterbunner
June 23

We decided to write about Afterburner again, commanders👨‍🚀!

 But now we have added to the facts about this the answers to the questions that you asked about this module earlier.

We would be happy to know from you👇🏻 whether you have a final idea of ​​this module. And, most importantly, will this information change the way you use Afterburner We are waiting for answers in the comments on subreddit.

1️⃣As we wrote earlier, the parameter “Turning boost” of the module is a coefficient.

2️⃣The coefficient is valid for the time specified in the parameter “Duration”. This coefficient is periodically multiplied by the base indicator of the speed of rotation of the ship.

3️⃣The effect of Afterburner coefficient is triggered every 4.5 seconds.

4️⃣If several Afterburners are installed, coefficients are added that affect the turning speed and the movement of the ship. But the intervals between these coefficients do not change.

👉Thus, the afterburner is a module that periodically affects the maneuvering speed of the ship. At the same time, an increase in the number of these modules on one ship periodically makes it more maneuverable.

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