May the 4th be with you, Commanders
May 03

👨‍🚀 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Commanders continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Every upgrade to their ship, module, each limit breaker attempt is hard-earned. Each victory against Arena veterans motivates them to push further. However, we always aim for excellence and there is no limit to perfection. Commanders know this well.

🌌 Over the many years of the Arena’s existence, we have witnessed the rise of different Commanders. Some have become famous for their flawless tactics in clan wars, some have explored a vast number of galaxies. And then there are those who continue to occupy top positions in the leaderboard. Everyone has their own path. Each one unfolds their Force in their own way.

The HQ congratulates every Commander on this special holiday! How about awakening your Force? We’ve added a special offer to the shop – 1000 Celestium, 100 chips, 1,000,000 Credits, and a special ship, Deathbringer, with 10 Interceptor support ships. This engineering marvel is so immense that the HQ had to provide a ready-to-go build for it. We hope this will assist Commanders in creating their own builds. The ship has a total of 1259 slots. The offer can be purchased five times for 100 battles and 3 days. The ship can be used in any game mode except Clan Wars, Clan Boss, and Fleet Arena. The offer is available until Sunday, May 5th, inclusive.

The trial ship does not have a repair cooldown.

The ship comes with a unique bonus “Total Module Range” at +25%, and the following parameters and values:

  • Damage from Laser Modules +10%
  • Reflect of Armor Modules +3%
  • Power Use of Laser Modules -6%
  • Armor of Armor Modules +10%
  • Health of Armor Modules +10%

And may the Force be with you, Commanders!

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