May Commander’s Digest
June 04

👨‍🚀 Here’s the digest of Arena and Commanders’ community news for May:

🗯 The HQ showcased a special trial ship. This is a unique Cruiser-class ship codenamed Vulture. It will soon become a permanent ship in the Arena. Thanks to feedback from Commanders, we have already worked on modifying some parameters of the Cruiser.

🗯️ Mods team and HQ held the Discord Emoji contest. Thanks to Commnaders, new emojis appeared on the Discord Server.

🗯 The HQ reduced the cost of activating Clan Bosses.

🗯 The HQ held an intergalactic Discord drill-contest “On Duty!” and awarded Credits, Celestium, and Phantoms to the fastest Commanders.

🗯 Arena TOPs and veterans shared advice on whether it’s worth upgrading the 1×1 Chaingun and when to use 100% Success Blocks.

🗯 Commanders had the opportunity to try out the trial ships Claw and Dozer.

🗯 The HQ held a giveaway for the EL-K skin “Caution”.

🗯 We conducted Anomalies with different ships and modifiers. Some Commanders already received rewards for their ship designs in these Anomalies:

@a0121626030 – 100 Celestium
@meggarox – 100 Celestium
@rtd – 100 Celestium
@me me breadnoughtttt – 100 Celestium
@Sinchik2112 – 100 Celestium
@madeinvietnam the mediator – 100 Celestium

🗯 Commanders tested their knowledge of penetration damage mechanics and Supercarrier sizes.

🗯 The HQ offered Commanders to improve a build on Hammerhead from one of the Commanders and receive extra AP on our Discord server.

🗯The HQ published the results of the May Clan Wars and Clan Bosses season and the results of the Arena’s ranking season.

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