March Commander’s Digest
April 10

👨‍🚀 And here’s a brief digest of Arena news and Commander community for March.

🗯 The HQ conducted Lucas challenges in the Discord server, in which about 80 Commanders participated.

🗯 A squad of special testers has been assembled, ready to assist HQ in checking new updates for errors. All of them are already connected to the special beta testing program.

🗯 Commanders celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day and Catholic Easter, and even went for a ride on space eggs. Some Commanders managed to earn from 1000 to 4000 Celestium!

🗯 We held 2 Anomalies with different ships and modifiers. For these Anomalies, some Commanders are entitled to rewards for their ship designs:

  • madeinvietnam0412 – 400 Celestium
  • krakabao – 200 Celestium
  • voxipir – 200 Celestium
  • breadnot37650000 – 200 Celestium

🗯 Minor updates 3.13.7 and 3.13.9 were released. Testing of the major 3.14 version is underway with requests for Kronos blueprints, reworked Fleet Arena, Anomalies shop, and game mode selection menu.

🗯 Commanders had the opportunity to ride on the trial ship Atlas, designed by Commander SpaceFrog from the Rogue Squadron clan.

🗯 Arena top players and veterans gave advice on choosing between Miran and Orkaan and how to counter support ships.

🗯 Commanders tested their knowledge about campaign sectors.

🗯 The HQ published the results of the March Clan Wars and Clan Bosses season, as well as the results of the Arena’s ranking season.

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