Lucky Spin!
March 21

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

March was declared a month of saving artworks, as you all probably know. For those Commanders who just left the hangar and did not hear the good news: you can send any game-related artwork type and receive some Auction Points as a reward. Here you can read more info about it.

You may ask: what’s the point? And here is the answer! Besides a month of the saving artworks, HQ superiors also decided to hold… a Universe win-win Lottery called Lucky Spin! That decision was so unexpected that even Lottery managers still did not know what prizes would Commanders get after all!

👾 How do I take part in the Lucky Spin Lottery?

It is enough to write one comment in one of our social media pages that contains a number of a Lottery sector and attach an in-game ID. You can find such ID on the game loading screen. In a week, we will announce the prizes that Commanders received.

Let the RNG be with you, Commanders!

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