Let’s meet Oblivion Ark commanders!
January 28

Commanders!  Let’s meet Oblivion Ark, which recently appeared on the expanses of Space Arena.

A ship can be obtained in several ways:

– for ship drawings in the section “Special ships”;

– for points received in the event “Grind Time”.

Advantages of the ship, which are immediately evident:

  1. Large ship size – 216 cells as standard and 268 with all the improvements.
    Here Oblivion Ark is not inferior even to Khonarl.
  2. Strong Flotilla – Oblivion Ark has 3 Age Eagle support ships, which has a convenient solid configuration that allows you to create a powerful support fleet for a carrier.
  3. Large space for engines in combination with the option “Thrust power of the engine modules”.
    This allows you to add such large ship maneuverability, which is a bit difficult in any class of aircraft carriers.
  4. A set of options for improvement gives each commander a diverse choice. Therefore, each commander can adapt the ship to his tactics.

And how do you rate Oblivion Ark? Do you think the available parameter pool for improvement is useful? Share your opinion in the comments, commanders!

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