December 31

🖖 Live long and prosper, Commanders!

💡 The HQ has prepared the final digest of this year. This is a special digest. In it, we summarize the development of the Commanders’ community and the Arena.

Let’s start with the main events that affected the Arena, the game in general.

■ We managed to release updates 3.8-3.12 with a reworked Fleet Arena, a new clan boss mode, an increased number of offers in the shop, lots of skins, reworked Anomalies, a new galactic carrier Kronos, and a new EMP module. There were other changes. Some of them were liked more than others. We will try to delight Commanders more often next year.

■ In the latest updates, we took the first steps to improve the limit-breaking system. The next updates will also affect both the limit-breaking and the upgrading systems in general. The HQ will change them so that Commanders can get more Limit Breakers and Powerful Limit Breakers, and also face unsuccessful upgrade and limit-breaking streaks less often.

■ The current December Clan Wars season has become truly special. During the season, level 2+ clans fought clan bosses – huge ships with powerful builds. Their modules are fully upgraded, and the HP values of each clan boss simultaneously evoke interest and fear. However, some clans have already coped with all four bosses. The HQ will think about possible changes to this mode. It is quite likely that in the future, we will increase the number of bosses and introduce other ships. Get ready!

■ In February, we introduced reworked Anomalies with ships offered by Commanders. The first ships of the new Anomalies were Behemoth of Commander made in vietnam, Radiant-Omega of Commander SireGimps, Leviathan of Commander Pangolin, and Challenger of Commander EnderRobo. At the same time, we began to show the trial ships designed by talented Commanders in the shop. The very first trial ship was Labrys.

■ The parameters of many modules were reworked. We’re talking about Durability, Damage, Thrust, Armor, Shield Power, Power Generation, and other parameters. Some modules ended up being used more often on the Arena, while others – less frequently. What’s important is that the Arena meta has noticeably transformed compared to last year. We will continue to maintain this dynamic of modules and ships. Thanks to your suggestions and remarks you left in #feedback-channel and game-suggestion! We already have some thoughts about it.

■ The HQ held several events, including Anomalies, Halloween, and Grind Time. This month, Commanders participated in the last Grind Time in the history of the Arena. The HQ already has some ideas regarding new events. We will share details as soon as we know for sure.

And here are the results of the main events and changes that occurred in the Commanders’ community.

🔹 Throughout the year, Commanders sent 316 157 in total. Today – even more!

🔹 The most popular server channel was #bncw.

🔹 A total of 2649 Commanders joined our server.

🔹 Over the year, together with the HQ’s Agents, we completed several missions and participated in the Swap Meet event.

🔹 Commanders sent us more than 90 memes, which were published here and on the other game pages.

🔹 The most popular contest was predicting one’s place in the Anomalies. On average, about 100-120 Commanders from all platforms participate in this contest, receiving Celestium.

🔹 The HQ published 10 guides on various aspects of the game, including tips from the TOP players and Arena veterans.

🔹 On average, 65 Commanders answered all 9 Trivia questions.

🔹 Commanders were always informed about the results of clan wars, all thanks to the BNCW episodes. In total, the HQ published 74 episodes.

🥳 Commanders! The HQ team, including developers, HQ Agents, and your favorite mecha cat TACO, congratulates everyone on the upcoming New Year. During this year, the Arena has undergone significant transformations, both visually and technically. Commanders have increased their strength. Some fully upgraded key parameters of necessary modules, some joined more powerful clans. And someone, for the first time, entered the top 50 in the leaderboards. There are so many events and achievements in our intergalactic community that even TACO cannot fully tell about them. Maybe you will help him?

Tell us on our Discord server what you managed to do on the Arena this year. Perhaps you finally managed to limit break the necessary parameter or defeat that particular clan? Surely you have something to share.

The HQ wishes all Commanders to gather strength and enter the Arena with renewed vigor. More Limit Breakers, fewer enemy mines, and may your weapons always shoot first.

See you on the Arena next year, Commanders!

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