Last 2022 Weekly Digest!
December 30

👨‍🚀 We send our cosmic best to all Commanders!

💡 The HQ has prepared the very last Weekly Digest of this year. This is a special one. Within this issue, we summed up the Arena and Commanders’ community development. It turned out interesting and colorful! 

We’ll start with the Arena development output.

■ One of the greatest achievements. Clan Shop and Clan Wars were added. Like the Clans feature, the mentioned ones are being constantly improved by the HQ.

■ Arena was visually transformed. Now you can enjoy the nice view from the cockpit and take advantage of new battle interface features simultaneously.

■ The reworked Anomalies event has appeared on the galaxy event map after a long time. A few changes were implemented in the Ship Battle mode as well.

■ New computing units called Success Units have appeared at the Arena.

■ Three modules were added to the game: Doomsday Laser, Glossy shiny armor bar, and Glossy shiny armor. Along with that, the Arena community got a new ship called Achilles.

■ The following modules were reworked: War Shield, Fusion Ray, Junk Launcher, Arcfusion Array, Quantum Rifle, Vulcan Turret, and Small Solar Armor.

■ The Iota loot was changed in terms of common and overlocking chips.

■ The in-game economy has undergone significant changes.

But what about changes that affected the Commanders’ community? Well, let’s take a look!

🔹 11 675 Commanders visited our Discord community throughout this year, and 896 Commanders decided to stay with us. Also, 141 Commanders joined Reddit community, and 68 Commanders joined Facebook page.

🔹 About 240 posts were published by the HQ this year.

🔹 Seven Commanders were listed as the Space Legends.

🔹 The HQ had checked 7 Space Myths. All myths suggestions were sent by Commanders.

🔹 The HQ staff answered 71 questions within the In Touch with Devs segment. Hope you have read all the issues! 

🔹 The overall number of allocated resources for community contests and events: 5535 Auction Points, 99000 Celestium, 62000000 Credits, 6010 common chips, 663 overlocking chips, and 61 success units. Impressive numbers indeed!

🔹 39 Commanders had taken part in the engineering conference. Best of the best!

🔹 The HQ has released 8 guides. The guides were about both in-game aspects and the Discord server.

🔹 What about the Trivia segment? 12 questions and that says it all.

🥳 Commanders! The HQ is in full force, including our lovely TACO, wish you a Happy New Year. When looking at the publications of the previous years and collecting data for this digest, HQ staff has realized that Arena evolved significantly. New modules, ships, countless changes, and improvements… And all thanks to suggestions and remarks we receive every day from Commanders. The HQ hopes that the upcoming year 2023 will be marked as the best one for Arena and all Commanders as well. We scheduled the big changes that will substantially transform the game. We won’t reveal all our cards. The only thing we can say right now is that the success of each Commander will be determined by the amount of time spent in the cockpits and hangars. And all those ships covered with dust will sparkle with new colors. Everything’s as it should be on the Arena, the Colosseum of modern times. A place, where Commanders-freshmen claim the TOP leaderboards positions, thus becoming intergalactic celebrities, and immediately vanish in a world full of countless information causes. That is the beauty of the Arena!

We are sure this year will be remembered for something special. Someone has finally managed to buy the long-waited ship, someone got lucky and limit-breaked the parameter of the module, and someone became the TOP-10 Commander within the last seasons. We suggest each Commander take stock of this year’s results. Share it at our Discord server. Feel free to tell us about either your one or several biggest Space Arena achievements.

The HQ wishes everyone a great mood and fulfillment of all your desires in the New Year! Let the RNG gods will always support you in your endeavors, whether it’s Clan War or another attempt at the modules’ upgrading.

Towards success, Commanders!

And as always – see you at the Arena!

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