June Commander’s Digest
July 02

👨‍🚀 Here’s the digest of Arena and Commanders’ community news for June:

🗯  The HQ released version 3.15.1. In it, we’ve changed the randomness system which concerns upgrade parameters of modules and ships, revised the prices of Anomaly lots, updated the interfaces of game modes, and much more. The new 3.16 version is just around the corner!

🗯  The HQ staff unveiled a special trial ship. It’s a unique Corvette-class ship codenamed Acolyte. It will soon be permanently available in the Arena. We’re already collecting feedback and considering possible changes to this ship.

🗯  The HQ held a giveaway for the “S-20-99” skin on Kronos.

🗯  A new segment called “Monthly Respect” has been introduced, where you can share the heroic deeds of Commanders from your clan.

🗯  Our Arena veteran and Discord server moderator Aze123 conducted a series of streams comparing the randomness system in the old 3.14 version with the new 3.15 version.

🗯  The Discord staff organized a Space Bazaar where Commanders could exchange activity points for resources. Five lots were raffled off, including Achilles blueprints, Celestium, Omicron, Mu, Kappa, Phantom, Iota Galaxy Coordinates, Credits, Limit Breakers, and Powerful Limit Breakers. Each lot had a bonus— a ship skin.

🗯  Commanders had the chance to try out the trial ships Arachnid and Hunter.

🗯  We held Anomalies with different ships and modifiers. For these Anomalies, some Commanders received rewards for their ship designs:

  • EnderRobo – 100 Celestium
  • Major Konstantinovich Zhukov – 100 Celestium

🗯  Commanders tested their knowledge of the Theta galaxy.

🗯  The HQ held an intergalactic drill contest “On Duty!” and awarded Credits, and Omicrons to the fastest Commanders on the Discord server.

🗯  TOPs and Arena veterans gave advice on the order in which to buy modifications for the Sparrow.

🗯  The HQ published the results of the June Clan Wars and Clan Bosses season, as well as the results of the Arena’s ranking season.

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