It’s time for the 9th part of the feedback from the developers on your suggestions :).
July 17

Greetings Commanders!

It’s time for the 9th part of the feedback from the developers on your suggestions.

We remind you that in the comments on the official Facebook group or Subreddit you can tell your opinion on what you have read or write your suggestions for developers.

1️⃣Add neutral bots (space pirates, xenons, etc.). which we can attack. The level of such neutrals will depend on the rating and the ratio of the number of wins and losses. You can give little experience for battles with neutrals, and you can provide chips and blueprints as rewards.

👾Devs: This idea seemed to us interesting and worthy of implementation. But this seems to be the best battle mechanic for an event. Therefore, during the development of a new event, we will consider the possibility of implementing this particular mechanic.

2️⃣Reduce the number of blueprints to buy Kabuto: This ship is worse than the Wing mk.II, but requires almost 3 times as many blueprints. I understand that this is a new ship, it should not cost so much, because weak enough.

👾Devs: After reviewing your suggestion, we have decided to further review the capacity of the K4-8U70. Perhaps we will make changes to his bonuses. With such a buff, we do not plan to change the cost in the drawings yet.

3️⃣Suggestion for a campaign-style event: 1 ship is sent into battle, which begins to fight with a weak enemy. With each victory, the enemy ship becomes stronger. And so on until the very end. Broken modules are not repaired until the player loses the battle. For completing each stage of the event, the player receives rewards (skins, change of nickname color, emblem with rank, etc.).

👾Devs: This is an interesting idea for an event. We will take your suggestion into consideration when we plan new event formats.

4️⃣Add compensation to the player for the sold ship. When a player buys a new ship and puts it in the slot instead of the old one, he receives 20-50% of the original cost of the old ship.

👾Devs: We have decided to review your suggested player compensation. So far, we are in the process of evaluating such a feature, so we will not have time to make a decision by the next update. The final decision on this issue will be made later.

5️⃣Adjust the blueprint drop system. Players accumulate too many unnecessary blueprints due to the fact that during the drop it is not taken into account which ships the player has and which ones do not.

👾Devs: Now the game already has galaxies, from which ship blueprints drop out, taking into account which ships the player has. These are galaxies Beta. Therefore, we do not plan to introduce this principle to all galaxies so far.

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