Interview with TOP players in honor of achieving a rating of 10,000 : DeHei🚀
July 29

Q: What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from and what is your occupation in real life?

🔹 My name is Dennis Heinemeyer (short De Hei), I am 34 and I am from Germany. In real life, I work as a nurse in a forensic psychiatric clinic. I will get married soon and have 3 daughters.

Q: What mobile games did you play before Space Arena and do you still play them?

🔹I played a lot. I started with Clash of Clans, several mini- & short games, Legacy of discord (hardcore p2w..), Heretic Gods, Slash Arena, Hearthstone and some other. Now I only play Space Arena and Duels on mobile.

Q: How did you find out about Space Arena and why did the game get your attention?

🔹I found it when I surved a bit and looked for interesting games. The possibility of creating a ship as I want and let them fight was the reason I started to play Space Arena. I compared the game sometimes with Space-“chess”.

Q: How long have you been playing Space Arena?

🔹 I started at the end of 2017 on mobile and in the mid of 2018 on Kongregate.

Q: Did you initially set a goal for yourself to get the TOP-3 players?

🔹At first, I tried to reach the top just for fun. Then with reaching it after a few months playing, I was already very successful with my ships. Then I started to take a look whats the maximum possible rating I can reach above all other players. So my ships needed to reach an amazing win/lose ratio. The first time I was 45 points above the 2th in the leaderboard I needed to win over 1000 battles in a row…

Q: What is your secret to achieving the TOP-3 positions in the game?

🔹I hold the ranking in TOP-3 longer than anybody else just with being active. The secret is maybe, that I am really good at countering my opponents. You need to create a build, whats able to counter the guys above your ranking and then you need to search for them… the last part can be really frustrating. Then you just need to be active and do some fights every day. To know what opponents your ship is able to destroy is maybe very important to reach a high streak, which allows you to climb faster. It’s possible now to climb also with ships from class battles, if you do normal fights and find this other class ships.

Q: How many games did you have to play in order to reach a rating of 10 000?

🔹To achieve a rating of 10,000, it took me 28,423 wins and 1,611 defeats.

Q: What is your favorite ship in the game and what is your favorite weapon? Why?

🔹 I really like the PSS Sparrow. Atm the most fun for me to watch that battles. In this little class, all weapons are useful and not just a few… I like Ritari too, but the weakness with no protection at the engine isn’t a thing I really like

All my builds prefer the GWS, but I don’t really like this weapon. The reason why I use it is simple: GWS is not countable, it has amazing burst damage and the constant damage is also high when the engine is wisely chosen.

I most liked the combination of weapons I used on my Vindicator some months ago: Rail turrets mk2 together with flak turrets mk2. At all, I like far ranged turrets in this game.

Q: How many games per day do you usually play? And a week?

🔹 sometimes like now withholding 1st place, I only do my class battles every day. When I play active I do 10-500 battles a day (500 I did not that often). My most active week I did around 5000 battles. It was at I wanted to reach the maximum ranking the first time.

Q: If it’s not a secret, why do you need a second account and why did you decide to reach the TOP-3 position on it?

🔹The second account DeNemesis I started as a project:

After that my 2nd acc was really helpful to experiment a lot and to become a better and highly experienced player with a lot of knowledge about how to counter things. It also helped to test builds against top players without the risk to lose a fight on my main acc. In the end it was easier to reach 10k with having it near to my main acc.

Q: What parting advice would you give to other players?

🔹Watching all the battles! Look what weapons your opponents are using, what engine they are using (different engine on the same ship I already enough to create a counter), against what ships you have the most trouble. Where you are damaged most often or do you lose because of losing energy too fast? Often you can fix problems just with few changes, but you need to watch the fights to become more experienced and better.

Q: What would you like to add to the game to make the gameplay as fun as possible?

🔹Most I like to see a “reset” button for successfully upgraded modules, that I can spend my upgrades just new, without the risk to lose these upgrades. But just from module to another, where you need the same amount of chips.

Here are other ideas: Leaderboards for class battles, weekly rewards for each leaderboard, a practice game mode, upgrades on modules should influence all tiers of the module, clans, ballistic less & lasers more effective (but balance is a tricky thing), some fun game modes maybe? I thought in a URF: Ultra-Rapid-Fire game mode like 500% fire rate.

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