Interview with MajorKvtchZhukov!
May 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

It is pretty obvious (even for pity earthlings who have not entered the Arena yet) that we can meet Commanders from all around the world in our galactic community. Each one constructs their ships and fights in the Arena in their unique way, and that’s why battles seem so breathtaking and unpredictable. That’s how mighty Space Arena works.

🚀 During the endless flights, you may meet veteran Commanders who have already spent thousands of hours in their hangars, analyzing their previous battles along with making their builds more effective and devastating. Conquering the rating leaderboards for several seasons in a row? A piece of cake for these Commanders!

So that’s why the team decided to interview one of the wisest and most qualified Commanders and ask about his success story. So please, meet the well-known MajorKvtchZhukov!

Major plays for almost five years in Space Arena. His rating currently equals 12987 ranking points. Besides, Major is a leader of the famous clan called KCCO and one of our Discord admins as well.

– So, Major, how did you know about Space Arena? What did you like most about the game at that time?

– I guess I found it on Google play for some unknown reason. The game had like, a lot of ships. I remember I wanted to know what was the next ship (because most of them were hidden for me at that time). It was fun to grind back then. You had to level up to discover what was the next ship. You know, the wonder of suspense…

– Can you tell us your greatest in-game achievement?

– Beating DOM clan in Clan Wars! Also, was once TOP 3 on the game leaderboards.

– As far as I know, you have entered in TOP-100 Commanders many times. What’s your key to success?

– In particular, countering opponents builds, and focus on upgrading one certain ship model. USS Centurion is the best ship, in my opinion.

– What kind of builds do you face on your current rating?

– Right now, lots of Oblivion Arks with missiles (with Impact Missle module to be exact), but also Prophets with lasers. There is actually a high variety of opponents. But what I note is that I only face players below my ranking and never players higher. That makes ranking very slow. Talking about the difference about 1000 ranking points or something.

– By the way, have you ever copied the ship builds from other Commanders?

– I got inspired indeed. But mostly from countless tests, I learned to build. I learned the basic template from other experimented players. Ended with my own build style and patterns.

– What kind of changes game primarily needs at the moment, in your opinion?

– Here’s a list:
Matchmaking reworks. Make players (me especially) match higher opponents so it’s easier to climb up.
LB system reworks (increase chance of each fail).
The return of the Anomalies event.
Implementing changes in all classes of ships for more variety.
Rebalancing some modules (buff and nerfs)
Modifiable clan tag. Talking about the separate feature in the Profile section so we don’t have to rename and spend thousands of Celestium.

– Blitz time! Name your TOP-3 favorite ships.

– Captain, Javelin, and USS Centurion.

– Now TOP-3 disliked ones!

– Oblivion Ark, Cerberos, and Wanderer.

– And one last thing. What advice do you want to give to those who only start their Commander path?

– Ok, here are some tips:
1) Try not to conduct long streaks so you would not rank up too fast.
2) Don’t waste Celestium on low-level ships’ modifications.
3) Invest chips and Credits on useful modules only. There’s a sheet on the official Discord server.
4) Don’t sell blueprints – you will need them for the Grind Time event.
5) Do Ship Battles for every ship for more Credits and experience.

💬 That is all for today, Commanders!

Wish you luck at the Arena!

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