Interview with Commander: Nikolay Kvochkin aka xyhtain
August 03

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

It is pretty obvious (even for pity earthlings who have not entered the Arena yet) that we can meet Commanders from all around the world in our galactic community… Well, you got the point. Of course, it is time for another Interview with Commander issue!

HQ staff decided to interview the leader of one of the most powerful and international clans. So please, meet Nikolay Kvochkin aka XyHTauH, the leader of the AofA clan!

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– So, how did you know about Space Arena? What did you like most about the game at that time?

– I found out about the SA from the ads while playing some kind of tower defense game. I like strategies, and that’s why the possibility of constructing your builds for ships hooked me from the first second. You may remember the old game called Earth 2150. This one had similar game mechanics. So, the sweeping wave of nostalgia washed over me and I decided to try SA. And guess what? I quickly became obsessed with it! The game had plenty of room for various combinations at that time.

– As far as we know, you’re playing Space Arena for more than a year. Can you tell us your greatest in-game achievement?

– Way more than a year. An achievement? Well… Both rating and levels of modules’ parameters are not indicators of success. Perhaps, the greatest one is the possibility to communicate with such talented clan members and, of course, the achievements of our AofA clan. Though these achievements would never happen without all our clan members.

– We stand in absolute solidarity with you! By the way, let’s speak about the AofA clan. How long does the clan exist? What progress have you done already?

– Our clan exists since the clans beta-test. We managed to create the clan right after its announcement. Our clan members come from different countries and cultures, and that is why we have some communication issues. Still, it helps us to learn new languages. About our progress. Well, the greatest success is the second place in the February clan wars season: we yielded to TFF members only. We are trying to stay in the highest clan war season leagues. I do not keep such statistics, but sure you do. I believe, we have never fallen below 10th place.

– And that is correct: you are keeping yourselves at TOP-10 positions, and that’s cool! 

What kind of builds do you face on your current rating? What ships do your opponents use? Maybe you had even managed to face some kind of mindgames at this rating? 

– My rating is kinda swimming in the interval from 1500 to 4500 at the moment. Trying to do so so I can make winstreaks easier. Most often you can meet ballistic-oriented builds, sadly. You may meet the Centurion builds with Capital Cannons and Khonarls with Gaussian War Shotguns up to 3k rating. Above this level the Hyperion Chainguns builds realm, and there are no alternatives for them. The most popular and universal ship with good bonuses is Centurion. Sometimes you may meet amusing builds from TFF and KCCO members. Korean players surely can surprise as well. Despite the weak parameters that are displayed before the Arena battle, their ships must be considered as tough opponents. And they give me trouble, hehe.

– That is an interesting point. And what kind of ships do you personally prefer? You may not tell about your current builds if you do not want to.

– I am using Prophet right now because of its laser damage bonus. Fascination with Star Wars and space in a whole had paid off. I am concentrating on the laser weapons upgrading at the moment. Unfortunately, their efficacy for the upper rating positions is low. So, that is why I am upgrading Oblivion Ark along with Prophet, though for laser weapons too… My missile-type weapons are still weak. Hope I’ll buy as many chips as I can to upgrade them ASAP. I am very fond of Ritari Mk2 as well, but there is no chance for this model if we talk about the battle with the max upgraded levels of parameters. Even though I like Ritari for its shape and skin. Sometimes I even use it for winstreaks.

– Distributing resources for upgrades? That’s a clever move, Commander! Now traditional Blitz time. Name your TOP-3 favorite ships.

– Mjollnir Mk2, Ritari Mk2, Wraith.

-Now TOP-3 disliked ones!

– As a Commander and engineer, I would say EL-K MK2, USS Centurion, and maybe, Destroyer Vega. As for the Clan Wars and Class Battles opponents… Well, I wouldn’t want to face Sleipnir and Revenant. It’s all because of their bonuses of damage and Hyperion Chainguns combo. It is almost impossible to defeat this kind of combo using other types of weapons, except mines. They surely can change the game and surprise even the most experienced Commanders.

– The HQ staff totally agree with you about the mines! An unpredictable weapon indeed. 

One last thing. What advice do you want to give to those who only start their Commander path?

– I would advise you not to waste resources on those weapons and ships you would not probably use. Try to focus on modules and ships that you will use most of your time in all game modes. Choose the type of weapon and a ship you prefer, and keep going. And, of course, accumulate Limit Breakers. You will need them someday.

– Very useful tips, Commander. We thank you for being with us today.

– Thank you for the invitation.

💬 That is all for today, Commanders!

Wish you luck at the Arena!

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